What to Say to People Who Don't Want to Wear Face Mask

What to Say to People Who Don't Want to Wear Face Mask

Surely you feel resentful when you see any individual that are not wearing a face mask in public areas, am i right? REMEMBER, we are not yet free from the threat of COVID-19. We all know the best way to stop the spreading of COVID-19 is by wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.

But there are a few of us who don't even care about this. Being angry or coercive towards these kind of people is inappropriate unless if they are your close acquaintances. We don't want to speak badly about them or we be called arrogant. Don't worry, in this article; we will give you the best ways to reprimand those who do not want to use a face mask.


What can you say to them?

Everyone has their own reasons why they do not want to use a face mask—whatever the reason they are not a good reason. However, we still need to respect the views of others. Because of that, the way they reprimand them must be correct and not offend them.


1. Instead of Embarrassing Better Express Your Feelings

If we follow our feeling, of course, we want to shout to them, "Oii want to die haa not wearing Mask!" This method will not bring results. Instead, try to express feelings and in a firm tone but respect the person, for instance, "Sorry for not shake hands with you, but I am really happy to meet you" or maybe something like "I would feel safer if you wear a face mask or we can chat with a little distance if possible?"

By expressing your feelings and you may make them to be more open to follow your opinion on the importance of preventing the spread of COVID-19, thus making them become more careful.


2. Provide Mask or Hand Sanitizer

If you have the budget, the best way is to offer a face mask to those who do not wear it. You don't have to give them to everyone, but only to those who occasionally seen without a face mask.

These shows you have good intentions without embarrassing or judging them.


3. Just Leave That Place, Yourself More Important

We will not know where the COVID-19 virus came from, so do not take risks. If you feel the place does not have a strict COVID-19 prevention policy, leave and find a better place. Your life is far more important.

However, as can be seen, most of our society adheres to these preventive measures. What can be seen when in public each people wears a face mask as well as ensure social distancing. But there may be a few who do not take this seriously. Avoid being in this group instead be the people who supports the prevention measures of COVID-19.



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