Bodigard FatBurn

  • Improves alertness

  • Reduce waist circumference

  • Burns fat at the cellular level

  • Made from natural ingredients, NO laxatives

  • Increase energy and physical performance

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Jus Berqah Durian Belanda - Pack of 2

Jus Berqah is a healthy drink concentrate made from natural ingredients to provide additional good nutrition. It helps the natural healing process in the body and improves health well-being as a whole. This supplement is suitable to be consumed by the whole family.

For Good Gut Health, Bodigard PrebioShotz

Bodigard PrebioShotz is a ready-to-eat functional food that consists of the natural prebiotic source, Gum Arabic, together with pomegranate and mango flavour! It would convey the best effect for you and your family's gut health. Taking care of your gut health has never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bodigard?

Bodigard is a brand under MyLustre which focuses on health & well-being for you and your family! Bodigard has a wide range of products that caters to your whole family - children, parents & even grandparents! 

Can your supplements be consumed together?

Yes! Bodigard's supplements can be taken together, but we do advise to space out the timing you consume them.

Is Jus Berqah & PrebioShotz safe for children to consume?

Yes! Jus Berqah & Prebioshotz are suitable for the whole family's consumption - both for children & the elderly too!

Why am I not seeing results when consuming Bodigard Products?

As with all supplements, consistency is key for you to see results & improvements in your overall health. It would be advisable for you to consume our supplements for 2-3 months consistently so that you would be able to see results. 

Results might vary from person to person, but do take note of the small changes such as increase in energy and focus to get your through your day. We also encourage you to lead a healthy & active lifestyle on top of consuming Bodigard so that you can get the maximum benefits of our products.

Can pregnant / breastfeeding women OR people with underlying health issues consume Bodigard Products?

We would strongly advise you to check with your doctors before consuming Bodigard, or any supplements in general. Your health & safety remains our top priority!

Are Bodigard supplements halal / vegetarian?

Yes, our products are halal! Our products are also vegetarian friendly as they do not contain any animal base ingredients.

Are Bodigard products considered medicine?

NO! Bodigard products are NOT considered medicine. Bodigard products are health food supplements that can help to ease certain health issues that you may be facing. 

Our products DO NOT contain any medicinal properties & we are not a licensed medical practitioner to diagnose illnesses. Please do seek your doctors before consuming Bodigard products especially if you have underlying health problems.

Are there any side effects when consuming Bodigard supplements?

Our supplements does not have any side effects on its users. However, if you have any underlying medical condition, it is best if you consult your doctor before consuming Bodigard supplements.


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