6 Ways To Stay Focused All Day At Work

6 Ways To Stay Focused All Day At Work
"Arghh, so sleepy!" "Man, there is a lot of work that is not ready yet!"
"I want to give up working here."


Of course, you have heard words like this, or you yourself have said it during your working hours. Hey, these could be signs you are less focused during your working hours.

Naturally, the work pressure is always there. Boss gives you too much work, or sometimes you have no deck motivation due to a poor work environment!

However, regular work must be completed. So here are six ways for you to stay focused throughout the day at your workplace.


Method # 1 Do Not Multitask

Scientists have found that Multitaskers are more easily distracted and less efficient in performing their tasks.

Their work does not get 100% results and tends to make mistakes—the address that you have to do the job again.


Method # 2 Meditation

Yeah, maybe meditation is a bit awkward to do during working hours. But many studies agree that meditation trains you to be more focused and not tired easily.

You can try to do simple meditation right after waking up for 2 or 3 minutes only before moving to work. Try and see the change in yourself, okay.


Method # 3 Exercise Regularly

Undoubtedly, exercise has various benefits for the body. One of them is to make you more focused when it comes to your work time.

Scientists argue that regular exercise stimulates the release of chemicals in the brain that increase memory nerve power, improve function, and increase your focus capacity.

Exercise may change your life not only during work hours but also in your social and general health.


Method # 4 Get Your Daily Caffeine Dose

Studies have found that caffeine in moderate doses helps you stay focused, especially for those who are quickly tired and lethargic.

However, try not to be too dependent on caffeine. The maximum dose is 5 cups a day. But try to reduce it to only 3 cups a day, okay.


Method # 5 Relax, Take a Break

Like those Kit Kat's ad, take a break with whatever you like when you have a lot of work. Do not force yourself too much.

Studies have shown that taking a break from your work helps you stay focused; otherwise, if you do not rest, your focus rate decreases. You tire yourself up while increasing your risk of making mistakes.


Method # 6 Find a Silent Place

No matter how loud or no noise will result in the release of your stress hormone cortisol. The release of these chemicals will disrupt your brain function and hinder your focus.

If you can't get away from the noise, it's okay to put on earbuds and listen to soothing songs. In the author's opinion, the Lo-Fi beat song that can be heard on Spotify helps the writer when doing work. Try it!



Changing the way you work can be a way for you to succeed in whatever career you pursue. A high focus is a valuable skill and is highly sought after by any employer.

Who knows when you do all these tips next month, you get a promotion to a higher position! The author wishes good luck and try to reduce your stress while working, okay!



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