The Best Stress Cure: Singing And Dancing!

The Best Stress Cure: Singing And Dancing!

Stress is a common problem but difficult to detect because it is not something we can physically see. Many ways can be found in any medium regarding stress reduction tips and among the popular ones are by singing and dancing.

No one can avoid stress, but we can reduce it by doing some widely recommended tips. One of the most popular things most individuals out there do is go to a karaoke entertainment center or club. You can release stress by singing and dancing regardless of the people around you because it is in an enclosed space.

According to a study conducted by the Sidney De Haan Research Center for the Arts and Health and the New England Journal of Medicine, such activities are good for your health. This study showed that more than half of the respondents managed to reduce the stress rate by only singing and dance therapy. Professor Stephen Clift, the head of the researchers, said that such activities are good because it will bring social contact, especially if done in groups. In the meantime, singing and dancing are also believed to secrete the hormones endorphins and oxytocin in the body.

It is not only the act of singing that can make the sufferer of stress back to normal. However, it is masterminded by the rhythm and sound of music that accompanies such activities! In this regard, a study shows that listening to favorite songs can also be a cure for this condition.



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