How To Deal With Sleepy Days At Work

How To Deal With Sleepy Days At Work

Almost everyone has had a day at work where you do not get enough sleep or are so sleepy that you are not able to work efficiently. This can affect your career, especially when you often miss deadlines or workloads.

Treating the leading causes of daytime sleepiness such as 'sleep apnea', insomnia, or merely overcoming the problem of sleep deprivation will boost your energy and cognitive function again. However, this problem may not be solved in one night.

These are some of the ways you can deal with sleepiness at work.

1. Caffeine injection

A cup of coffee brings inspiration. If you feel tired at work, an injection of coffee may help you gain the energy to get your job done.

Coffee has a stimulating power meaning it increases activity in the brain and nervous system. It can improve thinking, mental performance and fight drowsiness. So rest for a while and drink a cup of coffee but do not overdo it because the effect will be the opposite.

2. Get Out Of Your Workplace

We know your job is a lot and you can't get out of your workplace. But do you know, sitting in one place for too long will only aggravate your drowsiness? Getting up from work and walking for a while means your blood will also move. It helps you stay fresh and focused on your work.

3. Listen to Enthusiastic Music

When you are sleepy and need to work in silence, to some extent, it will tire you out. You may feel like you can fall asleep anytime. To wake your brain, listen to upbeat music.

Make sure you get permission from the employer first. Usually, your boss may have no problem allowing it as long as it does not interfere with your work productivity. The more passionate your music, the better, okay.

4. Keep the Workplace Bright

If your office has windows, open them and let natural light enter your workspace. Natural light can increase your energy and focus.

But if our offices are using air conditioning, using table lamps with low UV light can also help regulate your waking cycle so that you feel less sleepy.



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