Hari Raya Puasa: Old vs New

Hari Raya Puasa: Old vs New

Hari Raya is an opportunity for us to build a bond with the whole family. To add to the excitement of Hari Raya, we want to invite you to remember the differences between the old Raya and the modern Raya. Which one do you prefer?


Traditional Card Or Digital Message

From the 90s until the early 2000s, many people still use greeting cards as a medium to convey Eid greetings to friends and distant relatives. Not long ago, we were always waiting for the postman to come and hope there was a card for us.

Then, when SMS appeared, people started using the SMS service. Later SMS became increasingly diverse. There are picture SMS, SMS with special text, and more. Then, the greeting became different when Facebook appeared. Everything is so digital and more interesting. But, people started sending greetings in ‘bulk’ to all the contacts they had. It is less special and ‘personalized’ than before.



Make Raya Cookies or Just Buy

In the past, when we saw our mother buying Planta, flour, red and green cherries, and some other ingredients, we were excited because that was a sign that she wanted to make Raya cookies. The smell of baked Raya cookies spread throughout the house, and we were waiting for our mother to give us to try. The cookies that have been made will be arranged in beautiful jars to be served to guests in the morning. Have you ever had an experience like this?

But now it's different, there are a lot of people selling Raya cookies online. Most of us who busy working will probably choose to but it rather than make it.



Weaving Ketupat Or Instant Ketupat

In the past, usually one week before Hari Raya, our father has checked on which palas leaves can be taken to make ketupat palas, which bamboo shrubs can be toppled to make lemang, and so on. Mom also gave a complete checklist to dad. How many kilos of coconut milk are needed, glutinous rice, ketupat rice, and so on. Usually, we do not sleep at night to cook ketupat and lemang. It was tiring but fun.

Nowadays, we just buy instant ketupat in the supermarket. We can also easily order lemang.


Traditional Or Modern Outfit

It has become an obligation to have a Raya outfit. Before, everyone just wears traditional clothes such as baju kurung, kebaya, baju Melayu, and so on.

But now, there are so many choices. Baju kurung has also been modern. And some women prefer to choose robes. There are baju Melayu that fits the body, kurta, and so on. Which one do you prefer?



Play Fireworks Or Play Mobile

The old days were lively with the sound of bamboo cannons exploding. Also lively with fireworks and sparks of various colours and types. There are bomb firecrackers, frog firecrackers, and many more. There is a bamboo cannon competition between the villages.

But, as a result of many life-threatening accidents due to the misuse of firecrackers and fireworks, both have been banned. Although there are still those who play fireworks and firecrackers that are safer, they are less played. Young people now also prefer to play on mobile phones only.  Festivities now have a different meaning.

Whatever it is, hopefully, these differences will not eliminate the main purpose of celebrating Eid, which is to celebrate our victory against hunger and thirst after a month of fasting.

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