Benefits of Nopal Cactus Helps Treat Diabetes

Benefits of Nopal Cactus Helps Treat Diabetes

Nopal Cactus, or also known as Opuntia, is a desert plant that has many beneficial nutrients. Over 100 endemic species of this cactus grow in Mexico and are among the community's authentic menus.

The benefits of Nopal Cactus that we want to highlight in this article are its benefits to Diabetes patients. A journal from LaJolla National University reports that in June 2001, a level 2 diabetes patient successfully lowered his sugar level from 301 to 91 by consuming Nopal Cactus juice for several months. From there, researchers began to study the benefits of Nopal Cactus (1).


Nopal Cactus Should Be Consume by Diabetics Patient

Controlling blood sugar can be difficult for people with diabetes because nowadays, sugar is in so many types of food, even the one we least expected. For your information, foods high in carbohydrates will increase blood sugar, lower insulin levels and increase blood lip (4).

Researchers suggest consuming Nopal Cactus extract because it can help balance glucose levels in our body. A study in 2012 taken from NCBI has suggested taking nopal cactus supplements with diabetes medications because Nopal Cactus's content can control blood sugar levels (2).

Other journals also state that a single dose of Nopal Cactus helps Diabetes patients lower blood sugar levels by up to 17% to 46% for some patients (3).

Reducing LDL Cholesterol Levels- Also, Nopal Cactus can reduce heart disease risk due to bad cholesterol. A study quoted from the website states that nopal cactus can lower bad and overall cholesterol levels with fewer side effects than other traditional cholesterol medications.


Nopal Cactus Safe to Practice for Diabetics

In November 2014, the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics published a study on Nopal Cactus's effects on patients with stage 2 diabetes eating a high-carb breakfast. The results found that Nopal Cactus helps these people with diabetes reach postprandial blood glucose peaks (3).

Nopal Cactus increases the antioxidant activity in the body of diabetics and also in healthy normal human beings. Thus, confirms Nopal Cactus as a traditional medicine that is safe for diabetics without any side effects.

Bodigard Nopal Cactus, A Natural Supplement Suitable for Diabetics

Suppose you have diabetes and want to try and get the benefits of Nopal Cactus. In that case, Bodigard Nopal Cactus is a supplement for you. It is 100% vegetarian and halal used for Muslims. The benefits of Bodigard Nopal Cactus are:

  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol levels
  • Reduces appetite
  • Reduce excess stomach acid
  • Reduces the symptoms of gout
  • Provides minerals and amino acids to the body.



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