Things Women Should Avoid During Period

Things Women Should Avoid During Period

Most women will experience physical pain and emotional disturbances during the period. After all, some habits will aggravate this situation. Follow this article to find out what women should avoid during menstruation.


# 1. Eat salty foods

During menstruation, most women will have trouble maintaining fluid in the body. Salty foods will cause dehydration. It means eating salty foods when the moon comes will result in a feeling of bloating. Therefore, you need to reduce salty foods to avoid them. To relieve this feeling, drink more water to remove sodium in the body.


# 2. Drink caffeinated beverages

Experts argue that consuming caffeinated beverages when the moon comes will cause pain in the breasts. Scientifically, caffeine will prevent GABA in the brain, causing anxiety, increased heart rate, and many other syndromes. Instead, drink more beverages like green tea.


# 3. Take dairy products

Yes, calcium is a good nutrient, but Arachidonic acid found in milk, yogurt, or cheese can cause stomach cramps. Therefore, reduce the intake of dairy products during menstruation.


# 4. Shaving or plucking hair

Shaving or plucking hair when the moon comes will cause very severe pain. It is because of your estrogen levels at this point are very low and cause your body to become very sensitive. In other words, every physical pain during the period will be more painful than it should be.


# 5. Not active

According to experts, being lazy when the moon comes is a bad idea. Physical activity will secrete endorphins that can reduce pain in the lower abdomen. Inactivity during the coming days of the month will only cause anxiety and emotional disturbances. Therefore, stay active even on this day!


# 6. Using sanitary napkins for a long time

If you use sanitary napkins for a long time, there may be a severe infection. Cleanliness needs to be maintained, especially during the period. Ideally, it would be best if you changed the sanitary napkin according to the specialist's recommendations.



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