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Lustre Skin System

The perfect combo to help you attain flawless skin. Lustre Skin System consists of the popular Skin Pro Tablets which has been in the industry for over 16 years... more

Jus Berqah Durian Belanda - Pack of 2

Jus Berqahย is a healthy drink concentrate made from natural ingredients to provide additional good nutrition. It helps the natural healing process in thebody and improves health well-being... more

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Why MyLustre?

Expertly Formulated & Safe

MyLustre heavily invest inย research, product developmentย &ย quality controlย to ensure that all products will portray optimum benefits to customers with the use of quality ingredients & no compromise in safety.

Reliable & Trustworthy

MyLustre products are produced in factory that hasย GMP approvalย which is a system to ensure the manufacturing of products are controlled & consistent according to quality standards.


Great Deals for You!


XTen helps in reducing lethargy through the day. When I stopped taking it, I felt the difference in my energy level. Give it time!

Hidhir Md

Been consuming Women's Plus for a few weeks & I can wake up easily without feeling tired.. I feel fresher and felt more energetic!


Jus Berqah helps me in my age to continue my daily activity without the feeling of laziness and tired. Recommended!!


Skin Pro Tablets have done justice to my skin! It's clearing up breakouts effortlessly & all previous scars are lightening as the day goes by. Thank you MyLustre!

Nurul Farisah

I really love the Lustre Fresh Toner! It helped with my acne and oily skin!

Haila Zusari

Lustre Shower Foam is good for sensitive skin. Can even use for my baby because it uses natural ingredient. And it smells nice!!

Muhammad Ariff

After taking Super Power Joints for about a month, I've started to work on my knee to make it stronger! Totally unable to do it before as my knees hurt when I bend it.

Hafiz Samat

2nd purchase of the Lustre Fresh Cleanser! Love the scent & the fresh and clean feeling after washing my face with it! My face feels soft & supple too. Will be back again!

Kamie Camelia

Prebio T is a good product for the immune system. As a therapist, I also recommend this to my therapy clients, as it helps in their overall body immune system!

Muhammed Feroz

Tips For Healthy Skincare Routine During Pandemic

Most people are working from home during this pandemic. That doesn't mean that we can neglect our skincare! Read on to see how to maintain healthy skin!

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