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Our Mission

We aim to practice fair & honest culture and to build a profitable business that will always improve our capability, skill & knowledge. Educate those who wants to learn and help those who needs help as well as to share what is valuable in life by bringing values, big or small, to all stakeholders, namely the customers, the staffs, the investors and owners.

About us

Founder & Managing Director
Osman Ali

Graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a B.Sc in Science, majoring in Animal Biology and Cell Molecular Biology, Osman drives MyLustre’s strategic vision and lead the product development team with his vast experience in the Pharmaceutical & Health Supplement industry since 1994.

His experiences include product categories in diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, psychotropics, chemotherapy, gasteroenterology, probiotics and prebiotics.

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Our Story

From the discovery of Osman's passion for Pharmaceutical and Health, a company was born in 2005, Organic Health. It is with the team's dedication and strategic aim in helping people improve their lives through effective products and food science which has shown proven results in many customers' positive feedback.

The shift to MyLustre in 2011 is to have a more refined brand direction, growth and expansion both in its niche market and the mass. The growth and success in Singapore follows the expansion to Malaysia.

Today, MyLustre builds its online presence with the initiation of which focuses on growing its e-commerce market. Even so, still strengthening in directly staying in touch with our valued customers.

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Product Development

MyLustre heavily invest in Research & Development and also Quality Control where we ensure that the products will provide optimum benefits to customers with the use of quality ingredients and no compromise in safety. MyLustre develops products that customers are currently facing with challenges in this fast evolving world.

Our Lab partners are SGS Labs & other accredited labs to ensure the safety of our products. This is to ensure all our products do not contain control poisons and banned substances. Every product will then be assessed by the Quality Control team to ensure the highest of standards are met.

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Production & Manufacturing

MyLustre products are produced in factory that has GMP approval which is a system to ensure the manufacturing of products are controlled and consistent according to quality standards set by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia.

MyLustre partnered factories are also ISO9001:2005 Certified. It is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS).

MyLustre also ensures halalan tayyiban aspect over a variety of approaches in production, processing, preparation, distribution, and marketing of food products, which must be done according to the requirements of Shariah Law.

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Corporate Social Responsiblity

MyLustre have always been focused on giving back in any way possible. MyLustre's mission is in helping the often overlooked group of students in the middle class as well as special children who need higher attention and expense. 

MyLustre first launched the Back To School Program in 2016. MyLustre provided assistance with a distribution of $10,000 for students in higher education, madrasahs and also special children who need help for their educational needs.

MyLustre also launched a campaign in 2020, Purchase With Purpose in collaboration with MIJ Education Hub. It is a Special Needs school that offers academic curriculum and daily living skills catered for students, aged 4 to 30 years.

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