Why Husbands and Wives Need More Sex

Why Husbands and Wives Need More Sex

There are not many people who know the importance of having more sex with their partner especially among Malays. Why? The main reason maybe because this topic is quite sensitive and most of us will avoid talking about it openly.

In our opinion, it is quite detrimental because a healthy sex life offers various benefits for the health of our body and our family harmonies indirectly. Here's why:

Closer Relationships: You may be too tired after an all-day work or taking care of your kids and using that excuses not to 'do it' with your partner. It will often be delayed because there is a chance that you will still be tired for the next days. So, it is better not to procrastinate because if it is delayed for a long time, the intimacy between you and your partner will fade. Of course, you do not want your partner to just to be your roommate.

Remember, the more intimate your relationship is, and the more often you touch each other, the stronger your bond and commitment. Sex can be a reminder of why you choose your partner in the first place.

If Parents are OK, Children will be OK: If you have children, their future depends on the relationship between you and your partner. Did you know, 70 per cent of teenagers in juvenile detention come from broken families, and 63 per cent of teen suicide cases also come from the same type of family.

Sex is the best way for you to fix your relationship with your partner. Studies also confirm that sex can solve many problems such as arousal (of course), loneliness, depression, sadness, headaches, stress, boredom, low self-esteem, guilt and even fights! (the last one is the best!). So, if you and your partner are in good condition, then your family will also remain happy.

It's Great for You: Sex helps you get better sleep because you will feel calmer. Sex also burns calories, and it is a fun activity. Think of it as an adult playground. We also need to play regularly! When you have a partner that you love and trust, sex can be a safe place for you to let loose and have fun. Being happy also makes you look younger and healthier. Thus, more sex = youthful = healthy!

Time to Communicate: Most of us think we know all about our partner; in fact, we do not see every detail. Having sex is the best moments for you to get to know each other. Take 5 or 10 minutes to communicate after sex, and talk about the real things.


How to Make "More Sex" Happen?

#1 Boost Your Confidence Level: Your feelings towards your body affect how you feel during sex. An unhealthy diet and no exercise can cause you to have a bad self-image. This feeling stops you from doing and enjoying your sex life.

You can boost your self-esteem and your sex drive by shifting the focus from your flaws to your attributes. You can also focus on the pleasure experienced during sex.

#2 Through nutrition: Some types of food studied can increase your libido. Among them are chocolate, fruits such as bananas, avocados and figs. Also, there are several types of smell from the use of herbs that can increase sexual desire, such as the smell of ginger which contains a high content of allicin and can increase blood flow.

Taking supplements is also the best way through nutrition. However, please ensure the contents is 100 per cent natural with the best option such as Fenugreek seed extract. Studies on fenugreek believed to increase a man's healthy testosterone to normal level as well as restoring libido and male characteristics lost due to decreased testosterone. XTEN is a supplement that uses 100 per cent fenugreek extract and has helped many of its users.


#3 Take Time to Destress: No matter how healthy you are, stress will affect your desire towards sex. Stress could affect women the most especially if the stress is coming from her own partner.

Men, on the other hand, sometimes use sex to fight off stress. Although it is good but sometimes sexual differences can lead to a little bit of conflict in some cases.

For stress, participate in sports, jogging, or yoga classes.


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