What Will Happen If We Stop Exercising?

What Will Happen If We Stop Exercising?

The pandemic we are going through right now limits us to do some exercise routine, especially involving large groups of people. Yet this is not an excuse to not stay active. Exercise is vital to refrain the body from flabby.

Some studies say if an athlete trains for at least a year, and when the athlete stops exercising abruptly, he will lose half of his physical fitness within three months. If ordinary people start exercising for two months, they will lose entirely after two months. If we notice, when we are active, when we stay exercised for a long time, when we want to start back, then the body becomes weak and lethargic.

In Physiology, this loss of muscle fitness we call "disuse atrophy" is the loss of unused tissue and muscle mass. When that happens, your muscles will shrink and become less "firm".

Muscles that were previously active and "firm" will be converted into "couch potato" muscles that are very easy to feel tired. Besides, by not taking care of nutrition, weight is gained quickly.

The advice of a sports physiologist, do not stop exercising for more than two weeks! Do not waste all the time you try to keep fit and the muscles you have built. Stay active even with light exercise, at least 2-3 times a week, 20-30 minutes only. It also helps us to strengthen the body's immune system.


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