My Self-Care List

My Self-Care List

Prioritise yourself first

Do you still remember the safety rules given by the flight attendant during the flight? Among them, you need to wear a breathing mask first before helping those under your care. This example shows that prioritising oneself is not an act of selfishness in any aspect of your life.

What to do when you feel stress up

First, mental health care can be maintained by exercising at least three times a week. Physical health is closely linked to mental care. A healthy body can maintain good mental health and can avoid stress and pressure. This is because doing some stretching and light exercise can help the body secrete the 'happy hormone', also known as Dopamine, produced through an activity that makes sweat. Through exercise, the mind will also feel smarter and fitter while maintaining stable mental health.

In addition, each individual can also practice a healthy and balanced diet. A person's daily diet dramatically affects mental health as well as physical health. Every individual should emphasize healthy eating because nutrition affects emotions. The easiest step to mental care is to ensure a water intake of 6 to 8 glasses a day. In addition, protein sources such as legumes, fish, eggs, and meat should be included in each individual's diet. Next is the daily intake of vegetables and fruits to get adequate nutrition.

When you feel like everything is overwhelming

Take a rest and take a deep breath. In addition, mental health can also be maintained by seeking help from those closest to you, such as family and friends. A person can also express concern to trusted people to reduce stress or sadness that affects mental health. In addition to reducing stress, individuals can also obtain opinions or views to deal with any problems and reduce the burden experienced. In addition, asking for help from a mental health professional is also a step for seeking further treatment to get advice and tips for perfect mental care.

In conclusion, mental health should not be underestimated and marginalized as it can affect one’s life. Awareness of mental health care needs to be increased in the community. This awareness can open the minds of the community about the benefits of stable mental health. Therefore, every individual must practice mental health care tips to continue to survive healthy and perfect.



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