Ways to Spice Up Relationship

Ways to Spice Up Relationship

In conjunction with Valentine's Day being celebrated around the world today, we came up with an article on ways to maintain a romantic relationship. You may have been in love with your partner or may have been married for several years and feel the ties that once blossomed is getting bland. Let's read the tips below if you love your relationship!

Relationships that have been going on for some time tend to be cold. Each individual is so familiar with their partner, and sometimes the busyness also stretches the distance between them. Relationships need to be continuously maintained to be happy.

Make changes immediately so that your love life recovers. There are several ways to re-establish a relationship with a partner.

Create a "ritual relationship"



Whether it's sharing a cold drink while enjoying the sunset, looking at the stars at the beginning of the week, or having lunch together once a week should be done as a "ritual" with the couple.

"Rituals can be the foundation of relationships that strengthen trust as well as reliable emotional capacity," writes sociologist Deborah S. Cohan.

According to her, such rituals also provide an opportunity for couples to find new things that are pertinent to their relationship. If you and your partner are both busy, try asking yourself, "If not now, when? No one is that busy. It's more about our choices, what we give time to, and who we love, "he wrote.


Ways to Calm Arguments



Try walking the streets together when you and your partner are arguing or facing a conflict that seems to find a dead end.

In an article written for the American Psychological Association, researcher Christine E. Webb explains that walks together sometimes lead to relationship reconciliation.

"Walking allows couples to reap the benefits of step synchronization movements that lead to affective feelings that increase empathy as well as positive things. Couples who walk together will naturally show cooperative activities, share attention, and can benefit from discussing the environment. they just saw it together, "the article wrote.

The duration of the walks with the couple does not need to belong or be in a romantic place. Just exploring the corners of the city to drink your favourite coffee or tea then is enough.

Praise the Couple in Public



Praising your partner can be done through your social media. "Giving praise for her career success on social media, or telling mom how delicious your partner's cooking at a family gathering can be. This makes your partner proud of yourself and your accomplishments and reminds you how lucky you are, "wrote Josie Santie in The Everygirl.

Praising a partner in person is fun. But giving them praise in public will make them fell more in love and appreciated.


Do Sports Together



"Exercise evokes symptoms of physiological arousal. Sweaty hands, increased heart rate, and shortness of breath," wrote social psychologist Theresa DiDonato.

"These symptoms are like a mirror of romantic attraction. Use this phenomenon to your advantage by inviting your partner to exercise together. As a result, it will increase your attractiveness in the eyes."

Schedule to talk to each other



To not be distracted by other things, plan to spend time with your partner. In both moments, talk about what relationships, desires, dreams, and visions for the future need to be achieved together.

Also, talk about your feelings with your partner about the relationship. Because according to studies, failed communication can potentially 65 per cent destroy a relationship, then find the right moment and wise language to communicate your feelings.

Go on a date



Spending time together not only opens up the potential for building better communication. But it also makes you and your partner more intimate. Insert something sexy when both and try to understand the partner's perspective on things that have changed in the relationship. This can help keep the relationship from being bland or monotonous.

Relive memories

Do you still remember the most romantic place you ever spent together with your partner? So try to go back along with it with your partner. If you don't have time to go to that destination, look at the photos of the two sweet memories. Share a laugh when looking back at the pictures of the two's memories. This can make you both remember the reasons why you fell in love with each other.

Stay away from the busyness

Preoccupation makes romantic relationships less of a priority. Even so, as long as you and your partner understand each other and agree to find a solution, it can be easily resolved. For example, deciding on a specific day away from the busy and spending time alone.

Watch romantic movies

Romance is no longer romantic. One of the triggering factors is the lack of time together. If you and your partner are experiencing it, then prioritize time together by enjoying the little things like watching a romantic movie or cooking together at home during the holidays.

You and your partner can have more opportunities to give each other attention and sweet words from spending time together. Is it easy to make your romantic relationship romantic again?

Give Some Effort to Look Good 

The tenth way to warm up the moment of intimacy is that you have to look beautiful. No, not full makeup. But there is more of a touch of makeup on the face, even if only a little. For example, blush and lip gloss. The reddened cheeks turned out to be very popular with some men.

Maintaining Personal Hygiene



Last but not least, one of the most important and able to warm up the moment of an intimate relationship is personal hygiene. Bathing before intercourse is mandatory. Why? Because when you take a shower before having intercourse, it is a sign that you appreciate your partner. You do not want your partner to receive dirt that may stick to your body, especially in the private part. Not only pay attention to what is seen on the outside, but you are also very obliged to clean the private area before intercourse. This needs to be done to increase the sexual arousal of the couple.

Hopefully, following the tips in this article can strengthen the relationship. Good luck and all the best!








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