Emotional Eating? These are 9 Ways to Stop It!

Emotional Eating? These are 9 Ways to Stop It!

Many people tend to eat when feeling stressed. But this habit will eventually have a detrimental effect on health. It can increase your stress levels. So, here are nine ways for you to stop the habit of chewing when under stressed.


1. Overcome stress

Try to overcome the stress. You can try to learn stress management techniques such as practicing meditation, yoga,  or doing deep breathing techniques. Try to avoid situations that can make you stress.

2. Journal of nutrition

If you are determined to change your eating habits, you need to record what you eat, the amount, time, level of hunger,  and the feelings you experience. This way, you can see the eating patterns and the relationship between emotions and the food you take.


3. Control desires

When you want to eat something, rethink whether you are starving or whether the desire is due to stress? If you had just eaten 2 or 3 hours ago and your stomach does not make any sounds, it means you are not hungry. Try to control that desire and let the taste to eat it pass. This method can help you overcome eating habits due to stress.


4. Avoid boredom 

Eating habits can appear whenever you feel bored. So, overcome boredom by trying one new hobby such as painting, playing sports, or tidying up the living space. Hobbies can not only prevent boredom but also be able to eliminate the desire to chew.

5. Stay hydrated  

Adequate water intake is vital for overall health. It can also prevent overeating due to stress. 


6. Food storage 

Even if you do not feel hungry, you will feel like eating if you know there is food such as cake or chocolate in the storage. So, it is best to avoid storing these foods at home. Also, avoid going to the supermarket or grocery store if you feel stressed or angry. 

7. Healthy snacks

If you still want to chew, choose healthier snacks such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, or your favorite low-calorie foods.


8. Do not be too assertive  

Did you know that if you overeat, it only increases the desire to eat? So, avoid the adverse effects of stress, practice healthy eating, and occasionally eat your favorite foods such as cake or chocolate.  

9. Serving Sizes

If the food purchased is in jars or containers, you will usually tend to overeat. To overcome this, if you want to eat ice cream, it is better to put it in a bowl than to eat it directly from the container. Control the size of your meal and avoid overeating!


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