5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Ramadhan

5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Ramadhan

We will enter the holy month of Ramadhan in a few days. Each Muslim wants their Ramadhan to be better than the previous year.


Here are the Ramadan preparations that you can do:

1. repent

Many people ignore repentance because they often think they only repent if they have done bad things and are truly sorry. On the other hand, repentance should be practiced consistently so that we always remember our mistakes and strengthen our worship.

Every human being does not run away from making mistakes, yet every mistake teaches us to be more sensitive and can certainly make us better.


2. Level Of Quality Of Worship

During worship, always strive to improve our weaknesses such as falling asleep during prayers, not being devout, or starting to practice a new surah. You can also try to discipline yourself to get up earlier for dawn, attend the mosque more often, pray every time after prayers, and many more.


3. Good Sleeping Time

Try to change the sleep patterns that will help your Ramadhan routine — if possible, you can start sleeping earlier so that you can wake up easily at dawn.

Another advantage you can do for yourself is to get enough sleep every day and adopt good sleep habits.


4. Good Health

For those who have certain health conditions, be it high blood pressure, diabetes, or other diseases, don’t forget to consult a doctor first and make sure you are allowed to fast during the month of Ramadan.

You should understand the state of your body if you are fasting, know what signs to look for if you do not need to fast.


5. Performing Additional Worship

Additional worship is done to fill free time and to keep us from doing useless things. Here are some other acts of worship that can be added to the routine during Ramadan:

~ Read the Al-Quran

~ Do More Prayers and Zikir

Don’t forget to have a stock of groceries and food, so you can prepare a quick meal for Suhoor. May we all have a better Ramadhan, and may it change us for the better!


Source: https://my.theasianparent.com/persediaan-ramadhan

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