5 Netflix Movies To Watch During 2021 Women’s International Day

5 Netflix Movies To Watch During 2021 Women’s International Day

To celebrate International Women's Day 2021 during the pandemic season, how about we just sit back and relax on our couch in front of our smart TV or tab, safely in the comfort of our home. Today, strong women leads have dominated the screens, giving us a look into much more complex and inspiring women characters of all kinds. Netflix has a handful of movies with a good storyline and great woman leads.

We have rounded up a selection of women-led films that you can stream instantly. Let's celebrate and inspired by some astonishing work women have done in film, whether they're in front of or behind the camera. Let's go!


1. Malcolm & Marie
John David Washington and Zendaya star in this drama as a film director and his girlfriend who contend with revelations about their relationship following Malcolm's successful movie premiere. This American black-and-white romantic drama film is the newest and must watch star show in 2021.


2. Fun Mom Dinner
This group of friends finds themselves on an unexpectedly rowdy journey through LA. Laughing moms just enjoying themselves free of kids or going to work. If you needed a laugh and lightened your mood, this movie is for you to enjoy this International Women's Day.


3. Enola Holmes
Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola Holmes, a young girl left under her two brothers' care after she wakes up on her 16th birthday to find her mother gone. While her brothers want to send Enola to finishing school, she escapes to London to find her mother and becomes a detective on her own.


4. Marriage Story
The star duo Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson played as a New York City theatre director and his wife, a stage performer. Charlie and Nicole's rocky marriage comes apart after Nicole accepts a starring role in a TV pilot and moves to Los Angeles with their son. The movie follows the subsequent unravelling of their lives together. If you need a good ugly cry, this one is for you.

5. A Simple Favor
Stephanie, played by Anna Kendrick, is a single mum with cute cat socks and a vlog on baking and homemaking hacks. While Emily, played by Blake Lively, is a PR director with sharp suits who love strong martinis. As they're brought together by their young sons' play-date, they form a fast and slightly unbalanced friendship. But when Emily suddenly goes missing, Stephanie finds herself entangled in a web of secrets, lies and dark pasts.


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