10 Tips To Be Ready For Hari Raya

10 Tips To Be Ready For Hari Raya

We will celebrate Hari Raya Puasa in less than two weeks. How about this year's celebration? Are you going to celebrate it in moderation as the Covid 19 pandemic has yet to show signs of receding or are you still celebrating it joyfully with close family and close friends?


What about the preparations? Here we would like to share 10 tips for Eid preparations for you!

  1.  Clean the House


Apart from cooking and baking cookies, house cleaning activities are mandatory before the Hari Raya celebration. A clean house will make guests feel comfortable and calm.


  1. New Curtains and Decorations


Use this time to decorate the interior especially in the living room and dining area.


  1. Duit Raya

This time the duit raya giving activity is a little different. But don't worry, you can get your relatives' accounts ready and do it online.


  1. Play Raya Song!

You can play evergreen Raya song or your favourite ones to evoke the atmosphere.


  1. Shopping for Raya Cloth as a 'Reward'

Even if you celebrate Eid at home, that doesn't mean you can't buy a new Raya cloth. Reward yourself after being tired of cooking and cleaning the house. Now it's easier, you can buy online.


  1. Cook the Feast

 Usually, the activities that are done at this time are cooking dishes such as rendang, ketupat, and many more. This is also the time when we can see all family members gathered to help. The larger the family the more food is prepared.


  1. Sharing is Caring

 The month of Ramadan is a glorious month and it is good to share things that no longer serve you. Old items such as clothes or old decorations should not be thrown away, give to people who need them.


  1. Support Your Friend's Small Business

If you don't plan to make festive cookies, why don't you buy your friend's cookies and support them? Your friends probably even sell Raya clothes, online.


  1. Inform Before Visiting

It's a must to visit relatives and friends' houses. However, it is better to contact the host first, so they have time to tidy up or make preparation.


  1. Your Parents

Some may not be able to celebrate with their families, due to work, location, and others. In any case, don’t forget both parents, whether your parents or in-laws. Even if you can't go home for the holidays, the important thing is to contact them.


Hopefully, the tips above can help you during this festive season. May your Hari Raya celebration be surrounded by feasts and fun with your loved ones.



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