Beware, These Are The Signs of High Blood Sugar Levels!

Beware, These Are The Signs of High Blood Sugar Levels!

You may be wondering, what are the symptoms of high blood sugar that may occur in our body. Several things can happen due to high blood sugar in the body. Most of these symptoms are not noticed by many people at first and consider it just normal. However, that is actually the symptoms of high blood sugar.

Hyperglycemia; conditions that cause symptoms of high blood sugar!

High blood sugar or also called hyperglycemia is common among people with diabetes. It occurs when our body does not produce enough insulin to absorb sugar. It can even happen if the body is not able to absorb insulin properly or has insulin resistance.However, not only that but hyperglycemia can also strike those who do not have diabetes. For example, blood sugar levels will rise if you are sick or in a depressed state.

If this hyperglycemia continues without treatment, it can lead to severe complications such as problems with vision, nerves and even the cardiovascular system.These are symptoms of high blood sugar that you should pay attention. Generally, you will not experience any symptoms until your blood sugar level rises.
Symptoms will also occur over time, and you may not realize it.

Here are some symptoms of high blood sugar that may occur to you:

• Having headaches and other pains
• Feeling difficult to concentrate
• Often feel very thirsty or hungry
• Feeling sleepy or tired
• Blurred or disturbed vision
• Has a dry mouth
• Having bloating
• Frequent urination
• Wounds heal slowly

If it gets more serious, then you may experience the following symptoms due to high blood sugar:

• Having shortness of breath
• Breath smells like fruit
• The heart beats fast
• Feeling confused
• Frequent vomiting
• Dehydration
• Worse, having a coma

Here are some of the causes of high blood sugar symptoms even if you do not have diabetes:

• Consume too many sources of carbohydrates in the diet
• Have an infection
• Being sick
• Being under stress
• Living a less active life such as less exercise
• If you have diabetes, you forget or do not take insulin or medications to lower glucose

How can high blood sugar affect our body?

High blood sugar will enter your kidneys. When this happens, it will attract more water content causing you to feel like urinating frequently. Situations like this will also make you feel thirsty even if you drink a lot of water.
Besides, when hyperglycemia occurs, you may also experience weight loss for no good reason. It happens when the body's cells do not get the glucose they need from the blood and cause the body to burn fat for energy needs. As a result of high blood sugar, it can also cause numbness, burning sensation and tingling sensation in the hands, feet and even the soles of the feet caused by diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is a complication that occurs if a person has had high blood sugar levels for many years.

What can I do to control this hyperglycemia?

First of all, all you can do is try to do exercise at home.
If before this your life was only spent watching television or playing games, replace it with living a more active life outside the home.

Apart from exercise, it is crucial that you also observe your daily food intake. Practice a healthy and balanced diet to avoid excessive sugar intake that can cause your blood sugar to be high.
Your doctor may also recommend that you purchase a blood sugar reader to control your blood sugar reading at home. This way, you will find it easier to find out if your blood sugar level is normal or not.


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