5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Fasting

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight While Fasting

Have you ever experienced this situation: It's been more than half a month of fasting, but your weight is maintained, and most painfully, you gain more weight?

Here are some reasons why you do not lose weight even when fasting:



1. Overeating during iftar/after tarawih.

Yes, fasting will make you feel tired, thirsty, or even fatigue, and because of that, many of us will eat "extra" during extra, for the sake of relieving ourselves. But bear in mind, if you end up consuming the same number of calories or more during your suhoor period as before you started fasting, then you won't lose weight. 


2. Choosing less nutritious foods.


Even fasting does not restrict food, which you can eat anything as long as it's Halal doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want during your eating windows and still lose weight. If your diet consists of mostly calorically dense foods, like fast food, snacks, or sweets, you probably won't lose weight but gain more instead.


3. Skipping meals during the suhoor period.

Sahur is the moment that a lot of people struggle to deal with. We instead wake up for a while and sipped plain water to fill the suhoor requirements and continue to sleep. Skipping meals and not eating at all during suhoor can cause you to be starving during fasting periods, making it more likely that you will end up breaking your fasts. 

4. Facing sleep disturbance.

Fasting on the day and pray at night sometimes may cause you to experience sleep disorders. Few studies have looked at the direct correlation between weight loss and sleep while following an intermittent fasting plan. However, several studies have shown a connection between adequate sleep and positive weight loss outcomes.


5. Excluding water out from your fasting diet plan.


Skip plain water during your fast may not only leave you dehydrated but by not drinking enough, you're also missing out on water's benefits when it comes to quelling hunger. Always drink plain water during iftar and suhoor. You will feel the difference.


May Ramadan this year will not only bring you closer to God but also will get your ideal body weight. All the best to you! 

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