Beauty Sleep: Is It Real?

Beauty Sleep: Is It Real?

What is Beauty Sleep? Is It real?



When a person wants to look beautiful, usually they will prioritize what clothes and make-up to wear. Unfortunately, most of us forget that sleep is more important than all that.

Why are sleep and skin health inseparable? And how does rest become crucial to the beauty of our skin and overall appearance? Have you heard of beauty sleep?

When we sleep, our body keeps working by repairing damaged body cells. This fact provides benefits to the skin, hair, and wounds we experience. Wounds and injuries tend to heal after we sleep.

The skin will look more beautiful and brighter when we sleep about 7-9 hours consistently every night. Michael Breus, PhD, a health expert specializing in sleep, reveals that a person's appearance will be affected if they sleep less than 6 hours. Sleep darker and more prolonged. Adding 1-3 hours more to sleep for 2-3 weeks, our appearance and skin will look different, brighter and healthier than before.

Benefits of Beauty Sleep

Here are some beauty benefits you can get from quality and beauty sleep.



Glowing skin

When we sleep, our body increases its blood flow and tends to heal itself from within. New cell formation occurs that cleanses the blood, giving you healthier and brighter skin.



Stronger hair

Proper sleep produces better, thicker and stronger hair. Sleep affects our hormones and increases protein synthesis in our bodies, resulting in better hair quality.




Fewer wrinkles

Because collagen is produced, which is crucial in ensuring skin elasticity, we need to rest well. Sleeping at least 8 hours can eliminate fine lines and make the skin more youthful.



Eyes are brighter

If we do not sleep properly, we will experience swollen eyes. But a good night's sleep and keeping our heads on the pillow can reduce the swelling.


Fewer dark circles

If you don't want to hide your panda's eyes behind concealer, then a good night's sleep is the answer. Because if we lack sleep, the fluid under our eyes lasts longer, giving a darker appearance under the eyes.


Keep your weight under control.

If you do not go to the gym soon, a better alternative is to get a good night's sleep. How might you ask? Because if you don't have the time or energy to exercise in between your busy schedule, sleep will keep your weight under control.


Keeps skin hydrated

Sleep can help you stay hydrated. Conversely, without enough sleep, the skin will look red and dry. However, when you sleep, the skin tends to remain elastic and wrinkle-free.

Night creams are great for improving skin conditions, but if you don't get enough sleep, the night creams you use will be useless. So, go to bed early and apply the cream to get the best results.


Skin Care Products Work Better When We Get Enough Sleep

The skin will repair itself when we sleep. Still, the skin cannot protect itself from the dangers of the sun's UV rays and free radicals (harmful molecules found in our environment). That is why we need supplements and skincare products that help us ward off this. With the help of good blood flow when we sleep, the benefits of this skincare product can be absorbed by the skin more perfectly.

The skin will lose more water when we sleep than when we are active during the day. Apply a moisturizing cream and drink enough water before bed, ensuring the skin does not become dehydrated overnight.

In addition to beauty, adequate sleep can also provide the following benefits:



Improving Health

Your skin is exposed to free radicals such as dust, pollution to the sun's UV rays during daily activities. Damaged skin tissue will be repaired as you sleep. Sleep through the night for 7-8 hours, allowing blood flow to carry oxygen throughout the body and repair damaged skin cells. Lack of sleep can also increase the production of stress hormones and inflammation that occurs in the body. This can cause the immune system to decline, triggering skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep every day to keep your skin healthy.


No mood swings.

Sleep can help relax the body and mind. This can have a positive impact on the mood. Waking up with a fresh body and soul can make you feel more comfortable.



Makes you smart

Beautiful is not only seen from the physical. Having an intelligent brain can also radiate your inner beauty. Well, with enough sleep, you can quickly absorb new information. Your ability to think, concentrate, and memory will be more optimal when getting a quality night's sleep.

In conclusion, to get quality sleep for 8 hours, you can perform certain rituals before closing your eyes, such as taking a warm bath, meditating, or reading a book. Avoid heavy foods, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol because they can make it difficult to sleep.

Turn off all electronics, cell phones, and lights when you want to sleep. Make the bedroom a comfortable place to rest, not to work or watch TV. When sleeping, it is recommended to sleep on your back. Sleeping in a sideways position can cause fine lines to worsen and trigger wrinkles.

Make sure there are no accessories on the hair while sleeping. Hair accessories can put pressure on the hair follicles and make the hair thinner. Lastly, don't forget to clean your face before bed to avoid skin problems.




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