What to Do When Your Skin Breaks Out?

What to Do When Your Skin Breaks Out?
What to Do When Your Skin Breaks Out?
Nooooo don't pop the pimples!
Acne is one of the most feared skin problems and just because of acne, some people will feel embarrassed, lack self -confidence and even be able to cause some individuals to distance themselves from others. Acne mainly affects certain parts of the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders.
Here are what you need to do when your skin breaks out: 
1. Drink plenty of water
If you suffer from acne, especially on the face, drink at least eight glasses of water a day because it can help prevent the growth of acne. This is because water can get rid of excess oils and toxins as well as help moisturize the skin and prevent pores from clogging.
2. What to Avoid:
Cigarettes, coffee, tea, sugar, carbonated drinks, and snacks should be avoided. This is because the ingredients contained can stimulate and secrete more oil, in turn causing the problem of acne to worsen.
3. Eat a balanced diet
Nutritional habits are very important in maintaining the health of the body. You are advised to consume foods that contain nutrients especially vitamins such as vegetables and fruits to help in the production of blood cells and hormones. Most importantly, avoid foods that are sensitive to yourself.
4. Overcome stress
Believe it or not, stress is also one of the contributing factors to acne problems. Yes, experts have found that the adrenal cortex converts adrenal androgens to the hormone testosterone in both male and female bodies. It will cause the sebaceous glands to become active and produce T-zones on the face while other parts are dry due to dehydration. Thus, the resulting acne is due to stress and dehydration.
5. Personal hygiene
Yes, maintaining personal hygiene is very important! You need to change pillowcases, wash clothes, underwear, and body towels regularly, at least once every 2 weeks. This is to prevent the formation or spread of bacteria that can cause acne problems to become more severe.
6. Use appropriate skin products


Acne problems can be overcome using skincare products that are suitable for you. The incompatibility of skincare sets is also among the causes of acne. You can stop using inappropriate products for a month before switching to anti-acne products.
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