10 Way to Keep Your Family Happy & Healthy

10 Way to Keep Your Family Happy & Healthy


It is not easy to ensure the well-being of our family, especially if you are both busy every day with your careers and routines. Here are some basics for a happy, loving, and healthy family:


  1. Exercise Together. Running, cycling or going to the park. Do it every weekend. Such activities can set an example of a healthy lifestyle for your children while spending time with your loved ones.


  1. Create Healthy Habits. Junk food is easy to prepare but usually high in salt and sugar and can damage the mood and health of your family. Prepare healthy snacking such as pieces of fruit, vegetables or legumes.


  1. Indirect Praise. When you want to compliment your child, occasionally do it indirectly. Praise others as if you do not know your child is nearby and you can be heard. Such compliments can increase their self-esteem and are more effective than regular compliments.


  1. Establish a Daily Routine. Discipline can be applied primarily to your children once you have established a regular daily routine like morning and sleep routine. Children will grow better when they know what to do and their responsibilities. Do it in a way that is not burdensome to make your life easier.


  1. Take a deep breath. There are times when we indeed cannot contain our anger. Before it gets worse, do the 3 deep breathing technique. Studies have shown that this technique can help you in calming yourself. Remember, letting go of anger to your children can affect your relationship with them for a long time.


  1. Eat at the Kitchen Table. Avoid eating in the car or while watching TV. This helps you focus on how much you eat and can help prevent overeating.


  1. Get Involved in Your Community. Attend parties or any event held in your neighbourhood. Through socializing with people nearby can ensure the safety of your family as well as having friends for you and your children.


  1. Occasional Holidays. No need to go far or spend a lot of money. Create a healthy vacation such as camping, going to a nearby beach or food hunting. Vacation can reduce stress and allow you to get along with your family. It is going to be awesome!


  1. Quit Smoking. If any of your family members smoke, try to advise them to quit. Studies have found that the leading cause of smoking among adolescents is because their parents are also smokers. So prevent it before it gets worse.


  1. Prioritize Your Marriage. If you want a happy family make sure you love your partner enough. Show that warmth to the children as well. It not only helps your marriage maintains but also builds your child's kind personality.



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