Dry Lips Due to Fasting? Here Are Tips to Avoid & Cure It

Dry Lips Due to Fasting? Here Are Tips to Avoid & Cure It

Dry lip problems are common while fasting due to hydration or low fluid content. Unlike other skin parts, the lips are very sensitive to lack of moisture. It also affects the condition of the lips that do not have oil and sweat glands to maintain moisture. In addition, the skin of the lips is 15 times thinner than other parts of the body. What is the way to keep it moist during Ramadan?



Drink a lot of water during suhoor and breaking fast

The best way to deal with dry lips is to maintain body moisture naturally by drinking plenty of water. With enough water, especially plain water - it is more easily absorbed by the body. The body stays hydrated and prevents the lips from becoming dry.



Fruits and vegetables

Not only plain water, fruits and vegetables can also be a fluid source for the body. It is not only good for dry lips but adds vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining health.

Lip moisturizer

Use a lip moisturizer from petroleum jelly or lip balm. Choose a lip moisturizer that contains safe ingredients for those with sensitive skin. Lip moisturizer can make the lips do not become dry or cracked in addition to moisturizing the lips during fasting.

Avoid the habit of licking your lips

Avoid the habit of licking your lips to moisturize them. It will cause the lips to become drier. This is because saliva contains acids that can irritate the lips. In addition, licking the lips can also remove the natural oils on the skin.

Perform lip exfoliation

Doing lip exfoliation regularly is also a way to deal with dry and chapped lips during fasting. Exfoliation is done by peeling the cracked skin on the lips so that new skin can grow. The process of exfoliation can be done using a natural lip scrub. Here are the steps:

• Prepare one tablespoon of granulated sugar or salt and one tablespoon of honey or coconut oil.

• Put all the prepared ingredients in a small bowl. Stir evenly.

• Use a cotton bud to apply a natural lip scrub to the surface of the lips slowly in a clockwise motion. Be quiet for a while.

• Clean the lip area with a damp cloth.

Keep in mind that you are not advised to peel off the surface of the cracked lip skin because of the risk of bleeding, skin irritation, or worsening the condition.

Use natural ingredients

Some natural ingredients at home can be used to keep the lips from drying out during fasting. If you want to wear it in the middle of fasting, make sure the natural ingredients below are not swallowed. Here are natural ingredients that you can use to treat dry lips: 




Not only moisturizing, but the benefits of honey can also prevent further lip infections thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial content. Just apply honey on the surface of the lips regularly.




Cucumbers contain vitamins and minerals that can repair dry and chapped lips. You smear cucumber on the surface of the lips regularly.



Coconut oil

The benefits of coconut oil for the lips can make them look smooth, prevent infections, and soothe the lips, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial content.



Aloe vera

The benefits of aloe vera for the lips come from the content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory in it. The various ranges of this substance can soothe and hydrate the damaged surface of the lips.



Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and polyphenols that can reduce skin inflammation. You soak a bag of green tea into a cup of warm water. If the green tea is cold, apply the water to the surface of the lips evenly. This step is believed to soften the lips and overcome dry lips.




Use a humidifier

The hot weather and the surrounding dry air make the lips dry during fasting. Using a humidifier or humidifier in the room can also overcome dry lips during fasting. The benefits of a humidifier can help increase the humidity in the air to keep the skin hydrated. You can use a humidifier while working or before bed so that the skin can be moisturized again.



 Avoid consuming spicy and salty foods

Did you know that too much consumption of salty and spicy foods can cause dry and cracked lips? This is because the salt content in salty foods can attract water moisture and irritate the skin of the lips so that it is prone to dry, even crack. Meanwhile, spicy foods can make the throat feel drier during fasting. As a result, you become more thirsty and easily dehydrated.



Avoid caffeinated beverages

Avoid drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea and coffee, which tend to absorb minerals in the body and are diuretics. Drinks containing caffeine can make the body dehydrate more quickly, thus affecting the condition of the skin and lips during fasting.

Are you one of those who suffer from dry lips during the fasting month? Try practising the sharing above. If it works, share your experience with us!









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