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Prebio-M (Gum Arabic) is a natural exudate from the Acacia Senegal tree and is a rich source of natural prebiotics. Prebio-M is suitable for children and adults as well as for pregnant mothers.

Our body needs good bacteria such as probiotic to maintain the natural balance of the organisms (microflora) in the intestines. Being living organisms, they need food in the form of prebiotics. Prebiotics are soluble fibre which cannot be digested. They are mostly important food source for good bacterias (probiotic) such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacteria inside our large intestine.

Prebio-M (Gum Arabic) is a source of natural prebiotic which helps to enhance and nurture the body intestinal system and improves the bodily immune system. Being rich in minerals and amino acids, and all other important nutrients the body need it is also able to nurture the body to recover and guard it naturally.

The correlation between probiotics (good bacteria) and our health is very important. The relation must also be maintain in a healthy balance in order to ensure that the whole body system can function well.

Prebio-M (Gum Arabic) is also noted to contain important amino acid such as hydroxyproline which is required by the body for its natural healing process. Gum Arabic is classified as food and certified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) thus it can be taken daily as food.


    • Mix 3 teaspoon (15g) in about 50 - 100ml of water.
    • Drink before breakfast and dinner (twice a day).
    • Prebio-M can be mixed with juices and syrup to mask taste. The powder will dissolve in water completely over time.


    • All plant-based Ingredients


    • Improving & balancing the body system
    • Balances the hormonal system
    • Improves bowel movement
    • Improved immune system in our body
    • ability to control the post prandial glucose level properly
    • reducing the cholesterol level
    • better control of the blood pressure
    • strengthening of bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis
    • maximizing the absorption of Calcium & Magnesium into the body
    • lowering the risk of colon cancer
    • reducing the chance of poison in the gut due to the activity of bad bacteria and thus causing diarrhea


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    MyLustre heavily invest in Research & Development and also Quality Control where we ensure that the products will provide optimum benefits to customers with the use of quality ingredients and no compromise in safety.


    MyLustre products are produced in factory that has GMP approval which is a system to ensure the manufacturing of products are controlled and consistent according to quality standards

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    Bantu untuk seimbangkan kadar gula dalam badan
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