Coronavirus | Do Not Panic, Improve Your Immune System

Coronavirus | Do Not Panic, Improve Your Immune System

While scientists and health experts worldwide are looking for a cure and vaccine for coronavirus (2019-nCov), you can play an essential role in stopping the spread of this virus by strengthening your immune system.

This way, you can help your body fight virus and bacterial attacks through dietary selection and consumption of supplements that can strengthen your body's immune system.


The immune system is a combination of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to prevent any evil elements. And the strength of the immune system depends on different factors such as age, diet, and lifestyle.



Steps to Strengthen the Immunization System

Among the foods you can practice to boost your immune system according to the President of the Malaysian Medical Association, Dr. N. Ganabaskaran are:

- green vegetables
- kiwi fruit, lemon, and orange
- Peanuts like almonds and cashews
- Shellfish foods such as crabs, mussels, and shrimp.
- Avoid half-cooked or raw foods for a while.


Supplements that you can take that strengthen your immune system are:

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin B6

- Vitamin E

- Beta D Glucan

- Maitake Mushrooms

- Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)


The Most Risk Group of Coronavirus

Studies have found that veterans (age 50 and above) are the most at risk. reports that out of 41 deaths in China due to coronavirus, 39 are those aged 50 and above.

The two main factors are because first, veterans are more likely to have chronic diseases such as diabetes that make it difficult for the body to fight new pathogens. Second, the veterans' immune system is weak compared to those who are younger and makes it harder for the body to fight the coronavirus.

Also, people with low immune systems and at risk of getting coronavirus include:

- Children
- Pregnant mother
- Those who visit the country with coronavirus


Don't Worry, Don't Panic. Improve Your Immunization System.

No need to panic. All you have to do is adopt proactive measures in dealing with this influenza season. Wearing a breathing mask, keeping your hands clean, getting medical services when you are sick, and increasing your immune system's strength is enough to make sure you do not get infected by this coronavirus.

Don't know the best supplement to boost your immune system? MyLustre created Bodigard Beta-Glucan & Maitake, an effective supplement in strengthening the immune system and general health.


Benefits of Beta Glucan & Maitake in Dealing with Coronavirus:

- Beta Glucan, taken from yeast cell walls in the form of Complex polysaccharide, stimulates the immune system to be more prepared and active.
- Maitake is a type of mushroom that strengthens the body's immune system and has been widely used in medicine to deal with attacks

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