Beauty Tips for Modern & Busy Woman

Beauty Tips for Modern & Busy Woman

The daily routine of a working woman is very busy. It is not easy to manage your time to take care of your beauty care while making sure you arrive at work on time. Also imagine if you had a child. There are so many things to do, but so little time to do it. When you are in a hurry to start your day, your beauty routine may be affected thus making your skin looks dull, tired and unprepared for your work days.

We understand this situation, so we prepared 5 beauty tips for you to ensure your skin stays beautiful and fresh while also saving you precious time.


#1 Take beauty supplements

Perhaps many do not yet know that beautiful skin can be achieved through supplements. It helps reduce blemishes and beautify your skin from the inside out. Even better, it saves you time because when your skin is in good condition you do not have to spend time on make-up and can just ‘touch up’ on certain parts only.

If you are looking for the best supplement for your skin, the Lustre brand is among the effective and safe supplements to use.


#2 Arrange your makeup.

Placing all your beauty products in neat order saves a lot of time. Make sure you dispose all empty containers and outdated old products to avoid looking for your favorite makeup brush in the midst of your morning clutter.


# 3 Hand and body skin care is also important

Skin care is not just on your face. Your hands and body are important and require good care as well. This is so that you stay comfortable and fresh during working hours so that you can be yourself at maximum ability.

Virgin coconut oil is a good way to ensures the skin of your hands and body stays moist and soft. So, you do not have to apply lotion over and over again. The content of short chain fatty acids in it provides nutrients to fight infections and bacteria on the skin.

Use Lustre Shower Foam to save your time. Gain the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and Cinnamon extract while you having your morning bath.


# 4 Follow a strict night skin care routine

After a day of working outside, spend your time cleaning your skin from the effects of makeup and exposure to outside dirt. Night skin routines are very vital for long-term skin health. Make sure you clean the makeup on your face using a facial cleanser and then moisturize the skin using toner.

Ensuring that your nightly skin care routine is consistent is the center of routine towards healthy skin.


# 5 Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated

When your skin is dehydrated, no matter how much makeup you use is not able to restore your skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin moisturized and healthy apart from other health benefits for your body.

Our suggestion is to buy a new water bottle for yourself to inspire yourself to always drink water. Find a beautiful and cute water bottle okay!


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