5 Reasons Why Global Warming Is A Serious Issue & What Can We Do To Stop This

5 Reasons Why Global Warming Is A Serious Issue & What Can We Do To Stop This

THE ISSUE of global warming is nothing new to environmental activists around the world. The struggle began when global temperatures rose at a faster rate in recent decades. Climate change usually happens within 10,000 years but is now changing in just 100 years.


Why global warming is a serious issue:

  • The earth's temperature has risen two degrees, and the rate varies according to specific continents and regions. Studies have found that the arctic is warming faster than other parts of the world.
  • The rapid rise in temperature in the arctic will raise sea levels and bring great disasters to the world's population, such as floods, big waves and coastal erosion. 
  • The catastrophe due to global warming is devastating. It will affect human life and the animal ecosystem as a whole. Something needs to be done to make the community aware
  • Climate change had taken place, and its impact could be seen from time to time, such as heavy rains or prolonged droughts repeatedly.
  • The awareness of developed countries on climate change is about 87%, while developing countries are only 28 to 48%. The proof, we can see when deforestation activities are carried out on a large scale throughout the country in addition to the response to the recycling program.


What We Can Do To Stop This:

Global warming is difficult to tackle as a whole, but society can help reduce temperature rise. The community can help by using recyclable materials in life and planting trees.

The government also can include the chapter on global warming in the school curriculum, thus giving awareness to the community from an early age. Co-curricular activities in schools could also help increase students' understanding of climate change. One of the most effective methods is through formal and non -formal education. For example, schools might run campaigns to save water, electricity, recycling, tree planting and green schools.

The government and non -governmental organizations should work together to make the people aware of climate change issues.




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