The Importance of Macrobiotics Like Your Brain

The Importance of Macrobiotics Like Your Brain

Did you know that macrobiotics are what make you who you are today? Plus, the total number of microbes compare to humans cells is a ratio of 10: 1 with about 100 trillion microbes in our body. And that number is truly amazing! Arguably we are the basis of bacteria more than humans.

Scientists are currently conducting in-depth studies on the importance of microbes for human health. Macrobiotics are genetic substances - bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses that live in our bodies.

Microbes are abundant in your gut and skin. Rob Knight, a professor, and biologist said during his Ted Talk speech that the stomach is just as important as the brain. But not many people are aware of taking care of our intestinal health.


So How Do Macrobiotics Work For Human Health?

Macrobiotics is very important for human development, immunity, and nutrition. Bacteria in the intestine are bacteria that are beneficial for us, especially to digest food, protect from viruses, and produce vitamins B and B12, thiamine, and Vitamin K, which are essential for blood clotting. Macrobiotics help humans in several other ways, including:

Fiber Digestion: Some types of bacteria work to target fiber and produce short-chain fatty acids that are good for the gut. Well-digested fiber can increase weight, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Controlling the Immune System: Macrobiotics in your gut are also used to manage the immune system functioning. The interaction between these immune cells and microbes will regulate your body to respond against any incoming virus threat.

Good For Your Heart: A study of 1500 participants, macrobiotic played an important role in supporting good cholesterol and triglycerides. Taking probiotics can lower your cholesterol and also the risk of heart disease.

Good For Brain Health: Some types of bacteria create chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. For example, the anti-depressant neurotransmitter serotonin is produced in your gut. Even your stomach and indeed connect with the brain through millions of nerves. Thus a healthy gut will send messages to the brain better, more accurate, and quickly.


So How Can You Improve Your Macrobiotics?

There are several ways and can improve your macrobiotic function, including:


  • Taking probiotic supplements: Probiotics is a living bacterium that can restore your gut health. They do it by 'rebooting' your gut with healthy microbes.

  • Eat Prebio Foods: Prebiotics are a type of fiber that stimulates the growth of your healthy bacteria. It is like feeding your good bacteria so that they work better. Among the foods recommended are bananas, oats, apples, and prebiotic supplements.

  • Only Take Antibiotics When Needed: Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria while also our good bacteria. So avoid taking antibiotics if they are not needed.

  • Reduce Intake of Artificial Sweeteners: Some studies of the use of artificial sweeteners increase blood sugar by stimulating unhealthy bacteria such as Enterobacteriaceae in your gut.

    • Eat Fermented Foods: Fermented foods such as yogurt, tapai, tofu, tempeh, and other good bacteria sources can reduce the risk of disease and support good bacteria growth.





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