5 Ways to Make Drinking Plain Water Interesting

5 Ways to Make Drinking Plain Water Interesting

Some of us find it quite challenging to swallow plain water because it has no taste compared to syrup or lemon ice tea. Try asking yourself, how many glasses of water do you drink every day? If less than eight glasses but ten glasses of tea, then you need to change that habit.

Here are some ways and tricks to drink plain water:

 1.Give flavour to plain water

Giving flavour here does not mean putting ten tablespoons of sugar. Instead, put fruit like lemon, mint, or orange as a natural seasoning. This way, it can not only act as a detox but make you more appetizing to sip white water.


2.Use a straw

Believe it or not, we will never realize how much water has been drunk if using a drinking straw. Give it a try!


3.Buy a drinking bottle

Buy a water bottle with an interesting pattern to your liking, and most importantly, find a size that is easy for you to take anywhere and make refills.


4.Set a drinking time

As a disciplinary measure, set the alarm on your phone every half hour to remind you to drink water, in addition to determining the amount to drink during each period. Easy isn't it?


5.Place a water bottle by the side of the bed

The trick of placing a water bottle by the side of the bed is to remind us to drink a glass of water when waking up or before bed. Drinking water after waking up also actually benefits the body.


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