5 Simple Dishes For Suhoor

5 Simple Dishes For Suhoor

Ramadan is Back! Starting today, Muslims perform fasting for a month. At the beginning of this Ramadan, you may still be eager to get up early and prepare a delicious meal for suhoor.

However, some of us will lose and start waking up late for suhoor and starve all day. If this happens, it will not only affect your fast but also very bad for your physical health.

These are five simple dishes for suhoor so that you can eat and your tummy be able to last until the evening.


SIMPLE FOOD # 1 Toast and Half Egg Cook with Soy Sauce

Eggs are the best choice for a simple but satisfying meal. Eggs are rich in nutrients, protein, and nine types of essential amino acids for our body. Studies have found that two eggs can withstand your hunger for up to 10 hours. Bonus for those of you who want to lose weight, eggs have low calories, which is about 155 calories per 100g eggs only!


SIMPLE FOOD # 2 Capati and Sardine Sauce

Just get frozen chapati bread, which is widely sold in nearby supermarkets. When heated, this frozen bread has a fluffy and soft capati quality, just like new, and it is delicious!

Sardine gravy can be cooked with Javanese sourdough, chili, and tomato to make it more delicious. Hah, in less than 5 minutes, you can finish your healthy and satisfying suhoor meal.


SIMPLE FOOD # 3 Crushed Eggs with Bread

This dish can be ready in less than 2 minutes. Delicious scrambled eggs can be eaten alone or even with bread. The way is to add garlic, sliced ​​onion, chili, and a little salt. Just like dish # 1, eggs are perfect for suhoor dishes.

After this, even if you wake up late, you still have time for suhoor!


SIMPLE FOOD # 4 Oats and Fruits

This food is also fast food you can make. Oats with fruits can be prepared in less than 3 minutes. It is suitable for those of you who want to lose weight before Aidilfitri comes.

Just add oats in water or hot milk, add a little sugar or honey, the fruit of your choice (pick wisely, don't want you to get stomach ache) and you can enjoy this simple, healthy and quick meal.


SIMPLE FOOD # 5 Butter Rice and Soy Fried Eggs

Have you ever tasted this dish? It's easy and delicious! The method is simple, you only need hot rice mixed with butter and fried eggs with soy sauce.

This dish is also very satisfying because it has a source of carbohydrates from rice and protein from eggs mixed well with butter and soy sauce.



Happy Fasting and Don't Forget to Have Sahur!

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