Body Scrub from Natural Ingredients That You Can Make On Your Own!

Body Scrub from Natural Ingredients That You Can Make On Your Own!

At least once a week, you are recommended to do face and body scrub to remove dead cells, to exfoliate and lighten the skin. If you stuck with a busy schedule that refrains you from going to a beauty salon, mix yourself a body or face scrub using natural ingredients that you can find easily at home. Let’s find out how!  


Turmeric is a spice known to brighten the skin. It contains curcumin that is known as an effective antioxidant to reduce melanin production and prevent dark skin discolouration. How to make a natural scrub from turmeric:  Apply turmeric powder to the desired area. Let it half dry and rub gently. You can use this homemade turmeric scrub 2-3 times a week to get a clean and glowing skin. 



Rice has a good content of vitamin B1 that is known to brighten the skin. That is why rice is often used to be mixed in beauty products. It is also very good for expelling dry and dull skin.  How to make a natural whitening scrub from rice: Make a paste mixture using pounded rice. Then apply all over the body and accompany with gentle massage movements.


Besides being delicious to drink, coffee can brighten and smooth the skin by gently removing dead skin cells. How to make a coffee powder whitening scrub: mix it with a little water until the texture is not too smooth. After that, brush over the body. Repeat this ritual once a week. 


This kitchen ingredient turns out to have various miraculous benefits for beauty. In India, cinnamon has long been used as a base for natural body scrubs. Cinnamon can gently remove accumulated dead skin cells and minimize the risk of irritation.  How to use cinnamon as a scrub: Combine cinnamon with one type of essential oil, such as almond oil and olive oil. After that, brush it on the body in the sequence slowly. This ritual will remove dull skin and make your body smooth and bright. 


Jicama is known to whiten the skin naturally. The content of vitamins C and B1 is quite high in jicama. To make scrubs from jicama, use a blender and add extra olive oil if necessary. The scrub is ready to be rubbed all over the body and wait for it to dry and then rinse.     


Milk and Lime 

Milk and lime are a good combination to whiten the skin. It also can be used as a natural ingredient to get rid of striped skin. How: mix the original milk with grated lime peel or the juice. And then apply evenly all over the body.  


Sugar and Honey 

You should also try a combination of sugar and honey to create a natural body scrub. These two kitchen ingredients are also known to store various benefits that are good for the skin. For example, sugar acts as a scrub to lift dead skin cells to the maximum. How: Mix 3 tablespoons of sugar and five tablespoons of honey. Stir until smooth and then spread all over the body. 


Easy peasy! Most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. It just consistency that you need for the best results!  



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