Lustre Moisturizing VCO Soap -
Lustre Moisturizing VCO Soap -
Lustre Moisturizing VCO Soap -
Lustre Moisturizing VCO Soap -
Lustre Moisturizing VCO Soap -
Lustre Moisturizing VCO Soap -

Lustre Moisturizing VCO Soap

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Virgin Coconut Oil, reported to be effective as a natural anti aging, anti wrinkle, promote skin rejuvenation and regain youthful appearance, besides it acts as anti bacterial, antiviral and anti protozoa. It also avoids skin disease infection that functions as antibody.

  • Virgin Coconut Oil Soap is formulated from natural and organic ingredients enriched with Vitamin A and E.
  • Recommended for matured skin, those with skin problems, allergies and eczema.
  • For matured skin, use VCO soap together with Whitening and Firming Soap to have glowing and supple skin.

Directions of use

Use twice a day, morning and night. Lather between palms with tepid water. Massage over makeup-free face and neck. Rinse thoroughly pat skin dry.

This VCO soap can be used directly on inflamed areas of your skin to reduce the appearance of rashes.


  •  Treats Acne

The Acne Talks website claims that soap containing virgin coconut oil is an effective acne treatment. Coconut oil contains natural antimicrobial properties. The capric acid and lauric acid found in coconut oil kill the bacteria on your skin that leads to acne outbreaks. Virgin coconut oil also contains vitamin E, a vitamin that helps clear up clogged pores, which are the main cause of acne breakouts.

  • Delays Aging

Using a soap that contains virgin coconut oil can delay the signs of aging on your skin. Coconut oil contains natural antioxidants that fight the free radicals that work to destroy your skin's elasticity.

The anti-aging properties in virgin coconut oil soap not only prevent wrinkles from forming, but it also reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Customers believed that VCO Soap made their skin moisturised and prevents it from extreme dryness. 


Why choose MyLustre?


MyLustre heavily invest in Research & Development and also Quality Control where we ensure that the products will provide optimum benefits to customers with the use of quality ingredients and no compromise in safety.


MyLustre products are produced in factory that has GMP approval which is a system to ensure the manufacturing of products are controlled and consistent according to quality standards

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