Fabulous Hair

Fabulous Hair

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LUSTRE FABULOUS HAIR (30ml) keeps hair fibers well nourished with a concoction of high grade essential oils and herbs keeping them flexible, strong and thick.

Ideal for instant volume, and on dry hair, it is the fastest and easiest way to get big sexy hair in a few seconds! Use together with Lustre Scalp Serum for fabulous beautiful hair.

Spray directly onto hair and scalp for good results, 2 times a day. Gently massage and apply evenly on hair strands. Style hair accordingly.


Suitable for both Men & Women, Teenagers who are:

- Excessive hair loss

- Thinning hair, dry hair, split end

- Receding hair lines

- Balding and those with Aloepecia

Helps to:

- Progressively nourishes deep inside the hair strands

- Protects, moisturises and revive hair strands for beautiful and fabulous hair

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