Can I Not Wear Make Up At All? (YOU CAN!)

Can I Not Wear Make Up At All? (YOU CAN!)

Make-up can be said to be a good friend to many women. Most women wear make-up to go out to the office, socialize, attending events and so on. But sometimes, our skin needs a break from make-up. It needs to breathe. It is best to have minimal make-up and avoid thick make-up. It would be best to remember that make-up works to lift the complexion and not damaging your skin.



So is it possible if we don't wear make-up at all? Can be provided you take care of the beauty of your skin with a healthy daily routine. Wash your face twice a day, especially before bed, to get rid of dirt and dust on the face. A good beauty routine, including diet and a healthy lifestyle, can affect your skin.

So try to start an essential daily routine, beginning with these two Lustre products.

1)Lustre Fresh Cleanser


Lustre Fresh Cleanser is a non-forming, milky type cleanser that helps to cleanse the follicles deeply. The strands need to be cleansed to prevent skin problems from arising. As a result, you do not need to wear make-up to cover those blemishes.

It is also formulated to maintain the skin's pH balance while providing essential moisture. Lustre Fresh Cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin types. 

Some of the benefits of Lustre Fresh Cleanser are that it can remove make-up and cleanse the skin all in one step, ensure effective deep cleansing to prevent acne, maintain skin’s pH balance, and leave skin fresh.


2)Lustre Fresh Toner 

Lustre Fresh Toner is designed to gently tone and firm the face, remove remnants of impurities and reduce the size of pores. After applying the toner, the skin will feel refreshed, and it tones and tightens the pores.

Use it after cleansing with Lustre Fresh Cleanser. Apply a good amount of Lustre Fresh Toner to a cotton pad or ball and massage onto the face with gentle upward and outward motion.

Some of the benefits of Lustre Fresh Toner are that it can gently remove all remnants of impurities, support deep cleansing of the sebaceous follicles, repair damage caused by the sun and pollution, and many more!

No more wait, get yours today!


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