#RMO experience in Malaysia. Tips to face Cabin Fever for Singaporeans

#RMO experience in Malaysia. Tips to face Cabin Fever for Singaporeans

In Malaysia, we have been through the Movement Control Order (MCO) for 29 days while in Singapore, the Circuit Breaker has entered its 9th day on the day this article is published. This is a sharing of experiences during this RMO period.

Indeed it is a challenging period. Just imagine, you are trapped in a house with limited movement for almost a month (possibly extended). What I want to share are the psychological disorders that the author himself faces and is likely to be felt by many others who are affected.

The psychological disorder is called Cabin Fever, a specific psychological condition that becomes restless, anxiety, irritability, boredom, moody, and demotivate due to limited routine movement.

It is not a new condition, only we have just experienced it, and maybe you are not aware of this condition happening to you. This often happens abroad during the winter, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) where many activities or routines are limited. In fact, it also feels like individuals are confined like prisoners in prison.


Depending on your emotions and mental state during this period, some may be cheerful, or some may already have started complaining.

Thus I will share with you some tips and ways I did to overcome these Cabin Fever symptoms:

  1. Redha

There is wisdom behind the test. This is the most essential and primary way because everything will be easy if we are in Redha state.

  1. Trying New Hobbies

There are various hobbies we can do at home. Maybe this period is the best time to try something new.

  1. Meditate

That doesn't mean you have to be a hermit in a room for long. Perform simple meditation techniques with slow breathing control. The author's suggestion, do this technique during wirid after prayers for Muslims. Try to find the right time and way for you, okay.

  1. Healthy eating

Avoid eating junk food or fatty food and avoid going to the kitchen every 2 minutes. Haa, this is a habit that can lead to the occurrence of Cabin Fever. A nutritious and balanced diet helps your mental and physical health.

  1. Socialize

Now is the age of technology, the age of social is at your fingertips. Make a lag group video call with your family and friends or play a game together. Find contacts to chat with and maintain your sanity.


  1. Reading

This is a perfect thing to do during this RMO or CB period. Try to fill your mind with positive knowledge and things. Ignore all viral, harmful and toxic news. Fill your mind with nutritious information.


These are a few of the sharing and tips that I did during this RMO. May it be beneficial and make sure you stay active during this challenging period. Stay safe, stay at home. InsyaAllah everything will end well.

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