5 Health Benefits of Nopal Cactus Backed by Science

5 Health Benefits of Nopal Cactus Backed by Science


  1. Reduce LDL Cholesterol Levels
A study found evidence that Nopal Cactus can reduce cholesterol levels. The results show that proper cholesterol levels do not decrease, but what is interesting is that LDL (or "bad" cholesterol) drops sharply by 12% (2). It is even said that Nopal Cactus might be able to reduce cholesterol levels without any side effects better than other traditional cholesterol medicines.


    1. It Can Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

    Controlled blood sugar levels can reduce the risk of getting diabetes. Some studies indicate that Nopal Cactus can reduce and regular blood sugar. Nopal Cactus supplement is also safe to take with other hospital medications for diabetics (1).


    1. Able to Reduce Appetite

    Nopal Cactus has long been used by the old Americans to overcome obesity. This herb can increase your metabolic rate, and its fibre and water content make you full quickly.

    Inhibition of ghrelin (appetite hormone) in your blood also helps in the process of losing your weight (3). So, if you are trying to get your dream body, consuming Nopal Cactus supplements may help.


    1. Provides Minerals and Amino Acids to the Body

    Nopal Cactus got the attention of scientists after the discovery of various health benefits. It is rich in composition in polyphenols, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and amino acids (5).

    Among the minerals contained in Nopal Cactus are calcium, iron, magnesium, boron, chromium, manganese, potassium, zin and selenium (5). The high amino acid content in Nopal Cactus can help humans in muscle building, healthy digestion, healing and repair, regulate mood and produce hormones, provide energy and the production of neurotransmitters (6).


    1. Reduce the Symptoms of Gout

    Because Nopal Cactus is not only rich in vitamin C (13% of RDI) but also calcium (14% RDI) magnesium (11% RDI) and manganese (20% RDI), these are excellent ingredients in preventing arthritis inflammation and gout attacks.

    Studies conducted by the University of Bridgeport show that Nopal Cactus reduces CRP levels (C-reactive protein). For your information, the CRP level is a test to check for inflammation. If you are injured or infected with inflammatory diseases, it is your body's way of protecting the tissues in the body (7).



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