Benefits Of Grape Seed That Are Worth Trying!

Benefits Of Grape Seed That Are Worth Trying!

When eating grapes, some people prefer to throw away the seeds first. The bitter taste makes the seeds often wasted. Grape seeds have properties that are not inferior to the fruit.

There have been many studies examining the possible health benefits of grape seeds. This nutrient mainly arises from its antioxidant content.


Various benefits of grape seeds for the body

Antioxidants stored in grape seeds include phenolic acids, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, and flavonoids. You can get the benefits of grape seed extract that has been widely circulated in the market in the form of liquid, tablets, or capsules. The grape seed extract supplement is usually GSE or grape seed extract. What are the benefits of grape seeds that have been extracted?



Lowers blood pressure

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can trigger complications, such as heart attacks and strokes. To help control it, you can try consuming grape seed extract. A review of 16 studies conducted on 810 people with hypertension found that grape seed consumption can impact blood pressure. The researchers found that consuming 100 to 2,000 mg of grape seed extract per day could lower diastolic blood pressure by an average of 6.08 mmHg and systolic by 2.8 mmHg.




Forms strong bones

Not only milk can make your bones strong, but the benefits of the grape seed extract can also strengthen bones. The benefits of grape seed extract for the bones can not be separated from the flavonoids content in it. Several studies conducted on animals have shown that including grape seed extract in daily intake can help in increasing bone density and strength. However, studies in humans are still needed to prove its efficacy.


Accelerates the wound healing process

If you have a wound that has not healed despite trying some treatments, you can probably try consuming grape seed extract. According to a study done on rats by applying a substance proanthocyanins found in grape seed extract, it is said to help in faster wound healing. The researchers suspect this benefit is due to proanthocyanins in grape seed extract. This content increases the production of vascular endothelial, which are essential compounds in the wound healing process.


Prevent skin cancer

The benefit of grape seeds that have been extracted is that they can prevent skin cancer. Certain studies have found that the content of proanthocyanins in grape seeds can lower the severity of skin cancer. The research was performed on hairless mice and showed that proanthocyanins could slow the progression of skin tumours. These results led researchers to estimate the possible benefits of extracted grape seeds in weakening the adverse effects of ultraviolet (UV) on human skin. Furthermore, researchers also estimate that the protection of proanthocyanins comes from their ability to reduce oxidative stress and alter cytokine activity.




Maintain brain health

To date, Alzheimer's disease, which is often found in people over the age of 65, has no cure. However, many studies show that the content in grape seed extract can delay the onset of this neurodegenerative disease. Galactic acid is one of the components in grape seed extract studied to inhibit the formation of beta-amyloid fibrils. Beta-amyloid accumulation has been linked to the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. Meanwhile, several studies in animals have shown that grape seed extract can prevent memory loss, improve cognitive function, and increase antioxidant levels in the brain. Some other studies have also noted the possible benefits of grape seed extract in improving kidney function, protecting the liver, treating tooth decay, and helping the skin stay young. But please keep in mind that all of these benefits still require more extensive research to make the results more accurate. For that, you should consult a doctor before using any supplements, including grape seed extract.


Rules of consuming grape seed extract

It would help if you considered several things before consuming grape seed extract to reap the benefits. Here's the explanation:

  • Dosage

There is no definite limit on consuming safe grape seed extract. Your doctor will help to determine the correct dose for you.

  • Interactions with drugs

Do not be reckless about the benefits of grape seeds that have been extracted. You also need to consider the interaction of this supplement with other medications. The grape seed extract is thought to interact with blood thinners, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (OAINS), cancer treatment, and more. So if you regularly use these medications, talk to your doctor first.

  • Risks and side effects

You should not consume grape seed extract if you have a wine allergy. As for those who have blood disorders or hypertension, please consult a doctor before using it. Note that grape seed extract can cause side effects such as headaches, itchy scalp, dizziness, and nausea.

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

Certain groups of people, such as children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers, are not recommended to consume grape seed extract. There is not enough research to prove that this supplement is safe.

You can cite so many things as the benefits of grape seed extract. But keep in mind that most of these benefits are still in the research stage. Therefore, it's a good idea to always consult a doctor before using them. With this, the benefits of grape seeds that have been extracted can undoubtedly be more optimal.



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