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Achieve Radiant, Balanced Skin with Lustre Skin Pro Tablets

I have tried and am thrilled with the results. Lustre Skin Pro Tablets has transformed my skincare routine and delivered on all its promises. My skin now has a radiant glow, and it effectively controls the oily T-Zone, keeping my face fresh all day. Lustre Skin Pro Tablets has brightened my skin and provided comprehensive care, making my skin look healthier and more youthful..

Lustre Women's Plus
Nur Hidayah Johari
Lustre Women's Plus

I was introduced to the product by TCF on their podcast. I've been consuming it for 2 weeks now and I feel slight change on my energy. I'm also noticing that I'm feeling a lot fuller, been eating less because I don't feel hungry. I'm not sure if this is due to the supplement consumption itself but so far , so good!

Awesome product (repeated purchase)

It is beneficial for me because it enhances the health and strength of my skin, hair and nails.

I'm dealing with itchy scalp, dandruff and hair loss and I've been using that 1 shampoo but no different until I finally found this shampoo that works best for my hair. The smell is very soothing and the fragrance of shampoo may seem to last longer more than 8 hrs. My wife like the smell of my hair! 😂

Izzam Ibrahim
Xten Power!

Xten works

Xten have helped me in terms of energy due to my working as a courier cos i need to walk alot, i also have knee problem and back pain, after consuming Xten its help to ease the pain!
Really recommended the product.

Lustre Shower Foam
Izzam Ibrahim
Lustre Shower Foam

The shower foam is really good my son used it for about 3-4 months,he used this shower foam because he was having enzyme and his skin is now much more better!

Bodigard FatBurn - Pack of 3
Worth It

I was finishing my 3rd bottle now. Saw minimal results. Will continue taking it to see better results.

Bodigard PrebioShotz
Muhd Suhaimi Hamid
Bodigard PrebioShotz

Getting Older is kneI got issue for passing motion, as frequently going to the toilet, numbers of times per day. Wind stomach, digestive and so on. After consuming bioshot, i feel better after 2-3 days of tries. Bowel system getting better. I will order again in future.

Jus berqah

Alhamdulillah, Jus berqah is really food for me. Consume 2 times per day. Makes me more energertic especially im a full time driver. initially i got issue on my right leg just above my calf. Pain reduce overtime. I feel my body somehow light.

Great product, Taste nice

Great product, been using it for the past few months. Help me to relieve issues from my stomach. My children has started drinking too.


I’ve been consuming pre bio for months now and it work wonders for my digestive system!My kids also like it.

Lustre Shower Foam
Favourite shower gel

This shower gel has improved my daughter’s sensitive skin. Her eczema is now milder and we have not stop using this gel.

Great relieve to my wind in stomach problems

Really helps to reduce wind in my stomach. About 30mins after drinking, I will start burping. Will continue to drink daily.

Bodigard PrebioShotz
Fazlee Zulraimi

Bought my first pre bio shot for my wife and she loved it. The product benefited her and we are looking forward to the next purchase!

Repeated buy

Repeated monthly buy for my family use. We trust lustre products. It really works. Price is good.

Repeated buy

Repeated monthly buy for my family use. We trust lustre products. It really works. Price is good.

Repeated buy

Repeated monthly buy for my family use. We trust lustre products. It really works. Price is good.

Bodigard FatBurn
Haziq Syazani

Tested and proven to be efficient.


Read good reviews regarding the skin pro I decided to give it a try.

Bodigard FatBurn
krumble abd

Tested first bottle and really like it. Purchasing second bottle soon!

Works well for me

After taking bodigard fat burn. I feel more energetic

Lustre Skin Pro Tablets
Qoritdah Qola Dawila
Mylustre Skin Pro & Face wash

I'm still using this product for 20 days and I can see the results, my acne has started to reduce, the acne scars are slowly disappearing.
Thank you MyLustre😍


Gives me energy in the morning and helps me sleep within 3 mins during bedtime.

Bodigard FatBurn - Pack of 3
Muhammad Zulhaimi

Been starting to workout and planning on to lose some weight. So I thought of giving Bodiguard FatBurn a try recommended from my favourite podcast TheCommonFolks.
Alhamdulillah been consuming it for almost a month now with daily exercise at the gym and going for night jogs, I can already see some progress from 103kg now I’m at 96kg 👍🏽
Highly recommend this product as it also give you energy for your daily needs.


Alhamdulillah bcos of this my life my skin become so much better!