Other Than Salt Water, These Are The Alternatives To Relieve Toothache!

Other Than Salt Water, These Are The Alternatives To Relieve Toothache!

Toothache will interfere with daily activities and sometimes cause difficulties for someone to sleep at night. Since a variety of factors can cause these problems, treatment may vary according to the cause.

This article will discuss some steps you can take to alleviate the symptoms of a toothache.


# 1 Rinse with saltwater, an easy way to get rid of toothache

Water that has been dissolved with salt has natural disinfectant (anti-bacterial) properties. Besides, it is also a medium that can get rid of food waste stuck in the gaps of the teeth. The purpose is to reduce the inflammatory process and speed up the healing of wounds in the oral cavity.


# 2 Wipe the sore part with a cold cloth/ice

The use of this method is not only focused on toothache alone. It can cause blood vessels on the surface of the affected area to shrink, thus, reducing pain.

The implementation is simple; you need to soak the cold/ice cloth on the sore area for 20 minutes.

However, this method is challenging to use in certain situations, for example, if you can not sleep due to toothache.


# 3 Use a mint tea bag to get rid of toothache

Mint tea bags can be taken as a way to get rid of toothache. It is especially suitable for those who have sensitive teeth as the use of ice can cause symptoms of pain/soreness. Take a bag of warm mint tea and pour it on the sore area. Make sure it is not hot, and if you are more comfortable with a cold tea bag, it is also useful. You can put the teabag in the freezer for a few minutes and place it on the sore tooth.



# 4 Garlic, a herb that has many benefits in the treatment of toothache

Probably many do not like to eat or smell of garlic. Therefore, this tip does not apply to all individuals. For centuries garlic has been known as a herb that can treat a wide range of health conditions. Modern scientific studies support its nutrition, and if viewed in the context of oral health, it can help relieve toothache. Because garlic has good antibacterial properties, it can prevent the formation of dental plaque. You can mash the garlic, mix with salt and apply on the sore area. Or, if you want a little extreme, chew the garlic raw.


# 5 Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can provide a variety of benefits to oral care. It can provide relief from a toothache, reduce inflammation, prevent plaque formation and cure bleeding gums. Most mouthwash products on the market have low hydrogen peroxide content. If you are prescribed a mouthwash with concentrated hydrogen peroxide, be sure to mix it with water. Follow the dentist's instructions and do not swallow the liquid. After rinsing, discard.


# 6 Thyme

If you like to use thyme leaves in cooking, know that it can be used in the treatment of toothache.

Like other herbs, it also has strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is usually sold in the form of essential oils and can be used as a mouthwash or ointment. Be sure to mix the essential oil with a glass of water before using it as a mouthwash.


# 7 The miracle of cloves in treating pain

Clove is one of the spices often used in traditional cooking and medicine. It contains a natural antiseptic substance known as eugenol, and it makes cloves effective in treating toothache and inflammation.

Like thyme essential oil, clove oil can also be used as a mouthwash. Mix it with a glass of water and gargle to kill bacteria and relieve pain.



If you find it difficult to do daily activities due to toothache, you can try practising the seven tips above.

If it does not work well, see a dentist for consultation and treatment.

Oral care is one of the factors that can affect an individual's quality of life.

Please don't ignore it!






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