Interesting Facts About Twins

Interesting Facts About Twins

It will be fun to have twins right. They can play together, wear the same clothes, and take care of each other when they grow up. People say sometimes the behaviour will be the same. Do you agree?

Hey, let's find out 5 interesting facts about twin couples.


Interesting facts about twins

There are actually many beliefs about twins. Some are right, but some are just beliefs. Let's find out 5 interesting facts about twin couple.


  1. Fingerprints are not the same.

Do twins have everything the same? Not necessarily. Although the twins have almost identical facial features, that does not mean that they will also have similar fingerprints.

The stamp is not produced based on DNA alone. While in the womb, both twins will start with the same fingerprint.

However, by the 6th to 13th week of pregnancy, as the baby begins to move, they will touch the amniotic sac, and unique lines and ridges will begin to form. This condition will result in different fingerprints (1).

2. Identical twin mirror image

If identical twins look at their partner, it is like looking at a self-image in a mirror. This is because they are said to have inverse asymmetry features. What does that mean?

About 25% of identical twins grow up facing each other. This means they become like a reflection. One may write the right hand and the other the left hand, the birthmarks are opposite to each other.

Such a situation occurs when the twins separate from 1 fertilized egg after a week over the fertility period - when sperm moves through the vagina into the uterus and fertilizes the egg in the fallopian tube.

3. Women, who give birth to twins have a longer life?

Through a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B focused on the population of women in the 1800s in Utah.

The study found that women who give birth to twins have a good and robust level of health, thus making them more able to live longer.

However, because the study was conducted around the 1800s, where the IVF method no longer exists, then this study could not be confirmed.

4. Dairy products increase opportunities

In another study conducted by Dr Gary found that women who consume more dairy products will increase the chances of conceiving identical twins.

Studies published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine involve vegan mothers and non-vegan mothers. It is said that women who consume more dairy products such as milk are 5x more likely to have twins.

Haa… so if you dream of having twin babies, maybe you can try it, okay?

5. Interact in the womb

In 2011, scientists at Umberto Castiello of the University of Padova in Italy studied twin 3D videos in their mother's womb. The results of the study found that in the 14th week of pregnancy, the twins were seen reaching each other.

While in the 18th week, they are seen touching each other more often than touching their own bodies. Based on the study, the researchers say based on the kinematic analysis footage shows the twins perform different signals to each other.




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