How To Gain Muscle Mass Quick At Home

How To Gain Muscle Mass Quick At Home

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to gain muscle mass. With just some equipment or your weight, you can do challenging home workouts that will build muscle fast. You just need to know the important factors involved in muscle building, and you can make it work for you wherever you choose to exercise.


To build muscle fast, you need to challenge each muscle group with high-volume workouts, twice a week.

 Equipment for Home Training

Do you need equipment to build muscle and strength? The answer is no. Classic workouts, such as pushups, pullups, and squats, are enough for beginners to start building muscle quickly at home. For more advanced athletes, progressive variation can keep your muscles constantly challenged and growing over the years, Kavadlo said.

But some people like to use equipment, and that’s great, too. You can equip your home training space with necessities - or more, depending on your budget - that will allow you to do a variety of fun and challenging exercises in your home workouts. Consider using:

  • Yoga or gym mats
  • Pull bar
  • Obstacle course
  • Ball stability

If you have the budget and space, you can consider investing in:

  • Dumbbells - start with three pairs, light, medium, and heavy
  • Heavy bench
  • Plyo box
  • A barbell and plate
  • Kettlebells

Rest days are very important to gain mass. Your muscles grow between your workouts not while you train them. Allow adequate rest between training sessions for the same muscle group. If you’re feeling weaker, not strong, and you’re feeling tired, you’re not allowing enough recovery time.




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