High Grade Collagen + Vitamin C

High Grade Collagen + Vitamin C
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500mg Hydrolysed Marine Fish Collagen per tablet gives easy dosing for customers. 
30mg Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) per tablet.

Enhanced NEW Formula: PLUS Vitamin C

Collagen is an abundant naturally occurring protein in our body. Collagen supports many functions in our body. It is found in abundance in our skin, supporting the skin structures, maintaining moisture in the skin and help in the repair of skin when the skin structure is destroyed.

Collagen is important in cartilage health. Collagen forms a bulk component in mammalian cartilage, giving structural support to our joints and improves mobility.

Collagen is found in the organic part of Bones and teeth. Thus Collagen gives a supporting role to the strength, flexibility and health of bones and teeth and also nails.

LUSTRE Hi Grade Collagen is made with a high grade collagen originating from Marine Deep Sea Fish. LUSTRE Hi Grade Collagen supplies 500mg of Collagen in a tablet.

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid, helps with better absorption of Vitamin C in the body.

  • Moist, supple skin
  • Healthy joints
  • Stronger bones
  • Healthier hair follicles
  • Healthier & stronger nails


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Customer Reviews

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My skin is better and fairer

I used to have cold and feeling dizzy because I am anemic. After taking Lustre High Grade Collagen, I felt a huge difference. I don’t feel tired easily or dizzy. I seldom have cold and furthermore, my skin is better and fairer. 10/01/2017

I no longer feel any joint or muscle pain

After taking Lustre High Grade Collagen consistently, it is easier for me to do my daily activities compared to before because I had joint issue. I no longer feel any joint or muscle pain. My skin and nails also is in good condition. My hair is already turning grey but I don’t have hair loss issue. 26/03/2018

I can even do jumping jack

I love to exercise but I have joint pain. After taking Lustre High Grade Collagen I can even do jumping jack. I don’t feel the pain anymore. I feel more confident now because I don’t look my age although I am already 50 years old. 05/04/2018

My scars faded

I have consumed Lustre High Grade Collagen since 2014. My body feels healthier and not as lazy as before. My skin condition improved and my scars faded. My joint pain also reduced. I tried other products but none worked for me, only Lustre High Grade Collagen suits me. 17/07/2018

My nails are healthier

I have joint pain dull skin before I started taking Lustre High Grade Collagen. After that, my joint pain reduced. My nails are healthier and my skin is more supple. I have receiving compliments that my skin looks like baby skin. 01/08/2018

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