'SukuSukuSeparuh' Diet Idea Menu For You

'SukuSukuSeparuh' Diet Idea Menu For You

You must have heard of the Suku Suku Separuh diet right. This method of eating is very effective for those of you who want to start eating clean. It can help you in a way by controlling you from overeating while ensuring you getting the necessary nutrients every day.

This is an example of a plate suitable for this diet:

Suku Suku Separuh diet is an intakes of a specified amount of nutrients that means:

Suku: Protein (Chicken, Fish, Beans, etc.)
Suku: Carbohydrates (Rice, Noodles, Bread, etc.)
Separuh: Vegetables / Fruits


Okay, for those of you who want to practice this diet ways but have no idea what menu to make, this article will share with you examples of menus that you can do.
Image credit: @DietSukuSukuSeparuhFafaeMimie









There are many ways and menus you can do. What matters is the amount you put on your plate. Make sure the three main components of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables are adequate in each meal. Good luck!

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