Careful, Do Not Take This Food If You Are Sick!

Careful, Do Not Take This Food If You Are Sick!

Healthy food intake is one of the crucial factors that can control the severity of the symptoms when you are sick. For example, if you have flu, you must drink enough water. If you often feel nauseous, take ginger-based foods, and avoid consuming sugary or fast foods. However, some of the healthy foods cause symptoms to get worse.


Each individual is encouraged to consume five servings of fibrous food daily. Whether vegetables or fruits, fiber can protect yourself from various health problems, especially bowel cancer.

However, some vegetables that are often considered healthy foods such as spinach can cause the allergic symptoms you experience to get worse. Allergy symptoms occur due to a chemical known as histamine secreted by mast cells to initiate the inflammatory process. It happens when the body detects external substances that are considered allergens (substances that can cause allergies). Although spinach does not contain high amounts of histamine, it can promote histamine secretion by mast cells. As a result, your allergy symptoms will get worse.



Like vegetables, legumes contain zinc and vitamin E. Both of these micro-nutrients are essential for boosting the body's immune system. Logically, you may think this food is good to take when sick. However, since beans are rich in fat, the body has to work hard to digest them. It can cause symptoms of stomach pain and make you fatigue. Your body will lose a lot of energy that should be used to fight infection. This is why you should avoid taking this food even though it is considered a healthy food. Legumes can also promote the secretion of histamine by mast cells.



Many people like to eat broccoli. If you are one of them, you should know that this vegetable is difficult to digest when you are sick.

Just like legumes, broccoli is also rich in vitamins and fiber. However, according to an intestinal health expert Mahmoud Ghannoum, this vegetable is difficult to process, especially when you are sick due to its high fiber content. Please make sure you choose foods that are low in fiber when you are sick so that they are easy to digest. The main focus should be on the process of fighting infection.


Raw vegetables

If you experience sore throat symptoms, consuming raw vegetables can irritate the throat as a result of the vegetable surface being hard, rough, and uneven.

Renee Wellenstein, a medical doctor, suggested that such healthy foods be taken after the symptoms of sore throat subside.

Dairy food

If you experience diarrhea symptoms, the enzyme lactase (digestive lactose) reduces the effects of inflammation in the intestine.

Because dairy products have a very high lactose content, the enzyme lactase is vital for digesting the food.

According to Gastrousus Medical Professor Rabia De Latour, lactase enzyme deficiency can cause symptoms of diarrhea, bloating, and pain in the abdomen.

Therefore, if you are sick, you should reduce your intake of dairy foods.



While you don't need to avoid the foods listed above during illness, it can help alleviate your symptoms. The most important thing for an individual to recover is a strong immune system. Take foods that contain vitamins to increase your body's ability to fight infection.

Do not forget to see a doctor and take the medication as prescribed.







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