Beauty Fridge: What About It?

Beauty Fridge: What About It?

More and more consumers are choosing to keep their beauty and cosmetic products in the refrigerator. It is now a lifestyle, especially for those who wear makeup every day. Those who have an extra budget will buy a small refrigerator dedicated to storing beauty products only. They do so in the hope that their products will last longer in cold temperatures.

There are indeed benefits to storing cosmetic products in the refrigerator. Still, not all types of products will give the same effect when refrigerated. Before you transfer all cosmetic products into the refrigerator, it’s best to identify products that need a cool space to maintain their freshness.

Here Are the Types of Products That Can Be Stored in The Refrigerator:



Products Based on Natural Materials

Products based on natural ingredients are suitable to be stored in the refrigerator because it can help keep away from bacterial attack and at the same time extend the life of a product.


Beauty Products in Gel or Liquid Form

If beauty products in gel form such as facial moisturizers, serums, toners, and gel creams are stored in the refrigerator, it can provide a cooling effect that can help tighten blood vessels. Even with the coolness of this beauty product can indirectly reduce dark circles under the eyes, reduce inflammation and tighten pores.


Products Containing Sources of Vitamin C.

Products that contain a source of vitamin C should be kept away from sunlight and the product should be stored in a cool place so that the vitamin C content can be protected and durable.


Cream for itching

Your body should not feel itchy and cold at the same time, so if there is an itchy part of the skin bitten by a mosquito for example, put something cold, the body will feel cold more than itchy.


Sun Cream

Because you have to wear it every day, it's a good idea to keep it in the fridge. A hot environment will reduce the effectiveness of SPF. So, it won't protect your skin properly.


Nail Polish

Light and heat can make your nail polish thick and change color. When it is kept cold, its texture melts and when rubbed it is even. The color also does not change.



Actually it does not need to be kept cold but if you want to make sure it lasts longer because the color you like is no longer sold, this is one of the ways. Otherwise, heat can damage it and make the actual expiration date of your lipstick faster.



Cosmetics Should Not Be Stored in the Refrigerator:

You should not put oil type cosmetics such as moisturising essential oils and makeup remover oils in the refrigerator because cold temperatures will make it freeze or change its structure. The oil in the product loses its softness.

In addition, cosmetics such as foundation, eyeliner, and perfume cannot be stored in the refrigerator. Because eyeliner, if stored in the fridge, will be challenging to use and the colour uneven when painted.

Fragrance, if stored at cold temperatures, is good. Still, suppose you keep it at too low a temperature in the refrigerator. In that case, it will affect the composition of natural compounds, destroying the smell of perfume. In turn, it becomes another compound. The best way to preserve a perfume is to break the lid off after use carefully and put it in its box. Each container is individually designed to prevent it from clogging.



The Effect Of Storing Products In The Refrigerator

The effect of storing beauty products in the refrigerator can be formulated to have a pleasant and positive impact on the skin.

According to Dr Preema from London Clinicber, storing the product in the refrigerator can increase the product's effectiveness, especially gel products and face masks. When the product is applied to the facial skin, it will provide a feeling and a cooling effect that can help reduce the problem of dull facial skin, inflammation and redness.

In addition, cold products can also provide comfort for erythema (ie skin inflammation that causes redness). The coolness of the product stored in the refrigerator can also balance the stability of the skin and a source of natural recovery to the face.

In conclusion, it also depends on the type of product you have and see the recommendations written in the product information section whether the product should be stored in a cool place or not. And make sure you maintain cleanliness and do your daily health and beauty care routine with commitment.



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